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September 2, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 7: Talk With The Animals

Life In The Life After – Part 7: Talk With The Animals

Some years ago a young couple contacted me to book a private reading with a question to ask.

‘We have two dogs who have passed that were children to us, is it possible that they can communicate with you?’

My answer was certain and instant ‘Yes it’s possible because they have a Spirit too’

The couple arrived the following week with a set of studio photographs that had been taken when their beloved pets were still with them and I asked them to show me afterwards.

As I tuned in I was aware of two white fluffy friends that were running around together nipping each other’s tails and having a wonderful time.

They shared details of their lives with the young couple that only they knew, favourite toys, walking places and memories in addition to how they passed, their ages and other specific details to clearly identify them.

The couple were thrilled to have communication from them and after the reading showed me the photographs of themselves with their two white pekingese friends.

One last question they asked was How do animals communicate if they cannot speak?’

Where do animals go when they die and who are they with-

Telepathy With Animals

All animals have the ability to communicate by the mind to mind thought process called telepathy.

It’s the same process that loved ones living a human life use when communicating with a medium. Unique details can be shared in a way which are then converted by the brain into images, sounds, emotions, feelings, tasting or smelling depending on the abilities of the medium.

In a demonstration one evening I could sense the energy of a large and beautiful chestnut horse standing beside me which I could see in my mind’s eye.

The horse shared thoughts with me that she had passed away through natural causes, that her owner was named Jane who was in the audience and they had been together on a farm near Cheshire. Jane was very excited to hear from her beloved friend and confirmed the details were correct.

Pets and the Pure Language of Love

Animals have a great capacity to love and this helps with the communication. They know their loved ones hope to hear from them and because of this, contact is possible.

Pets can often be seen, felt or heard by owners after they have passed and on many occasions I have heard a familiar ‘thud’ as my tabby cat, who passed some years ago, jumps down from the chair as she used to do when she was living!

So where do animals go when they die and who are they with?

Animals pass into the Spirit World and often go to those they love or who know of them through family and friends. Animals who have not had a family or friend connection are guided and cared for by other Spirit people who chose to take that role.

Insects and other small creatures become part of a collective spiritual consciousness and the energy from that is used where needed.

Will animals know that they have passed?

At an unconscious level yes and as time passes they will be aware of changes in patterns and adapt accordingly to their new surroundings.

Most of us with living animals know instinctively what they need as they show us through signs and expressions and this ability to communicate their needs remains a part of their Spirit when they take the next step on their journey.

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  1. have missed seeing you Donna – busy with work but mostly difficult journey – have enjoyed very much
    your ‘after death’ series and would like to come and see you again – thoughts from anne tennant x

  2. Great part of your blog Donna, we had two Jack Russell dogs when we first married, love them to bits, they went every where with us, Sadley we had to put them to sleep when they made an attack to our 8 month old baby Marc, I hope they know that it was the best thing to do at the time, they could not have been trusted with angy young child or speperated and rehomed? God bless, L & L.

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing this and please be assured your doggie friends would understand the reasons for your decision as this information would be carried from your thoughts as energy to theirs at a conscious level.

      Donna X

  3. Hello Donna – Hope you are good and well. Very interested in this blog but have not seen the other previous ones. Is it possible to get a copies of the earlier ones please as one or two people here in the flats where I live (35 people) are quite interested and it would be a good opportunity to tell people about you and what you do – that is if it is okay with you?

    I am much better, been in hospital for weeks, they trying to get me to retain food and at the moment am doing very well, so hoping to be well enough for Cober…. something to look forward to.

    With my best wishes and love

    1. Hi Judie,

      Thank you for your lovely words and I would be delighted for you to share my previous blogs. These are accessible by clicking on the BLOG tab on the website menu where you can scroll down for previous posts.

      We hope to welcome you again at Cober Hill for The Spirit Experience 2017 and do take care.

      Love and healing,

      Donna x

  4. This reminds me of when one of our pets died many years ago Cindy a beautiful springer spaniel shortly after she died our daughter came down stairs in the night and saw Cindy in her misstresses chair (she wasn’t allowed to msit their in life) she started to gently chide her then suddenly realise Cindy was not there she died a few weeks before, then later that day my wife quite seperately saw Cindy in her favourite sun spot Niter new about the other till a few days later when it cropped up in conversation So yes Pets do have spirits andf they still watch over you

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