August 19, 2016

The Spirit Beyond The Mind

The Spirit Beyond The Mind


On a very pleasant warm spring afternoon Lisa (whose name has been changed) arrived at the door of my studio for a private reading. A bubbly cheerful lady who radiated smiley energy into the room.

I welcomed her and as we sat on two large sofas I felt the presence of her Father with me.

As the description of Lisa’s Father came forward she smiled again and confirmed this was correct but that her Father was still living. It is usually very clear to me if loved ones have passed but I could feel the gentleman close to me giving more descriptions, memories and thoughts.

Trusting Spirit as I do I let the situation unfold knowing that it had a purpose.

As I asked the gentleman for clarity on the situation he told me that he was indeed still very much alive but had late stage dementia and wished to talk with his daughter.

The Spirit can operate without the physical body but the body needs the Spirit as its life force.

I had heard previously through other mediums of the Spirit leaving the physical body to communicate under these circumstances and also from a coma state but I had not experienced it before myself and I was intrigued by the concept of it.

The conversation was beautiful and moving as Father told daughter of the things he had not been able to because of his condition and the healing that took place that afternoon was very much needed for them both. Lisa’s Father told us he had stopped being able to communicate with her when there was still so much he wanted to say.

At the end of the session there was a very important message that the gentleman needed me to give to Lisa.

‘Sausage and mash is Just fine’

Lisa smiled widely ‘That’s all I need to know thank you..’

After the session had closed Lisa explained that on her way to my studio she stopped in at the residential care home where her Father was living and to help him to eat his lunch.

This was something she liked to do as often as possible as It helped her to remain close to him and his eyes told her he loved to see her too.

With her father unable to communicate effectively Lisa was concerned that the only meal that her father would accept even though he was given a choice, was sausage and mash which he had each day without a change.

‘Dad’ She said to him earlier that day ‘I’m going to see a medium after leaving here and if you can, please try to tell me with your thoughts if you would like something different to eat’

Since that time with Lisa and her Father I have experienced communication with others who have conditions affecting the brain making it a challenge to share their thoughts. This has also happened with those in a coma wanting to reach out to their loved ones.

Our Essence, the Spirit

First and foremost we are all Spirit having a human experience in a physical body. The Spirit can operate without the physical body but the body needs the Spirit as its life force.

When conditions of the physical brain make communication difficult the Spirit of the person can in certain circumstances, make mind to mind contact with someone who is energetically sensitive to telepathic communication.

Many times in private readings Spirit have given much comfort to clients by reassuring them that loved ones living with mind altering conditions are aware of them as they communicate on a mind to mind vibration.

Some years ago the energy of my Uncle who was in hospital at the time and whose communication skills were restricted by a brain tumour, stood behind me in my kitchen as I opened a bottle of stout for a casserole.  I clearly heard him say ‘I’ll have some of that dear’

On speaking to my Aunt later that day she confirmed stout was his favourite tipple.

As Spirit continue to give reassurance and evidence that it is the essence of each of us that holds our emotions and memories which can operate separately,  this will hopefully comfort  those who have loved ones experiencing or who have experienced conditions that limit the expression of their thoughts.

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  1. Great blog, I was always wondering if this was something that was real as I have felt this before, thank Donna, God bless, L & L, xx.

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