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September 10, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 8: When Children Go Home To Spirit

Life In The Life After – Part 8: When Children Go Home To Spirit

In this final part of my Life In The Life After series, I touch upon the sensitive subject of children who pass to Spirit.

Losing a child is one of the most difficult things a parent can experience and  I have met many parents whose children have passed to Spirit through many different circumstances including illness, a sudden passing and also babies before they were born for many reasons.

The passing  of an adult child can be just as difficult and poignant for parents who understandably accept  that the natural law of life is that parents become elderly and pass before them.


Children are Spirit too, first and foremost and they have the ability to communicate not only through a medium but also directly by giving signs to those they love that they are still present.

Babies too may communicate even if they were not old enough to talk through the process of telepathy and the sharing of their energy, and also children who pass to Spirit before birth as the fetus is the physical expression of the Spirit who has chosen it, however new.

It is the Spirit, the essence of the child that remains well and present, still laughing, playing and sharing time with those who know or know of them in the Spirit family and who will have been waiting to receive them with love.

In the Spirit World the young energy will develop and grow mentally and energetically and continue their journey of experience.

The way in which Spirit children present themselves often depends on how the parents remember them. If it has been a number of years since the child passed and the parents think of them as the age they would be presently then they may let themselves be known at that stage. Similarly if the child is still thought of as a baby then this is how they will come forward.


At an evening demonstration some years ago I was aware of a young girl in my energy who told me that she was 12 years old when she passed with Leukaemia  and that her Mummy and Daddy were in the room and pointed excitedly to them. ‘Tell them I’m here, tell them it’s Angelina, they will know it’s me!’

I noticed the couple who looked apprehensive but hopeful and asked if I could speak with them. They nodded yes silently, holding hands.

‘I have a young girl with me and she has asked me to tell you her name is Angelina and that she is your daughter’

The memory of their reaction remains with me still as they clasped hands over their mouths and began to shed tears of relief as her Mother told me ‘Her name is Rebecca but we called her Angelina, she was our angel’

The beautiful young lady went on to describe many details of her life with her parents and the love that they shared and just before she left she added ‘Please tell them I love the Angel  figurine they keep on the mantel piece for me and I’m there with them every day’

Angelinas’ Mother confirmed that after she had passed they had bought this in the hope of keeping their daughter close in their memory.

‘Oh and please tell them I’m with Pappy Bill’

Her parents had often thought they felt the presence of her after she passed but perhaps maybe it was in their imagination. Angelinas’ father had been sceptical that these signs really were from his daughter not wishing to build his hopes that she was still with them, but his mind was finally at rest especially knowing that she was with his father in Spirit whom she always called ‘Pappy Bill’

For the parents I have connected with and spoken to over the years, knowing that their child, whether younger or an adult, is safe and well in Spirit has eased some of the despair and hopelessness often felt by them, and has given comfort knowing that the young ones  they cared for with so much love and devotion are still alive and well and are with other Spirit family members who love them too.

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  1. Thankyou Donna. I often have my son that I miscarriaged come around me at times. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that they are close and show that we are loved. I feel happy knowing that my mum and dad and great grandma in spirit are guiding him on the other side of life. Bless you X

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