Online Mediumship Training Courses

Learn The Processes Of Psychic & Mediumship Communication & Work Effectively With Spirit

Mediumship - It's All In Your Mind

3 modules, 3 videos per module and regular Monthly online student Webinar training that will help you build the necessary foundations and enhance your confidence with Psychic & Mediumship Communication.

Online 8-Week Course Via Zoom
29th April - 17th June 2021

Discovering Trance Mediumship

An exciting 8-week course for the development of trance mediumship suitable for those experienced in Spirit communication. Join highly experienced Medium and Tutor Donna Stewart for this comprehensive course over 8 weeks to aim to take your trance mediumship to a higher level of confidence and clarity.

The School Of Intuition and Healing Presents 
5th May – 7th July 2021
Booking & Payment Deadline: Wednesday 28 April 2021

 Foundations in Mediumship (Online)

Do you have an awareness or interest in Spirit and are not sure how to make the connection? Do you have a connection but are unsure how to explore it or take it further?

Join me in these inspiring weekly classes, delivered to you online, where I will support you through the processes of attuning to and maintaining Spirit energy, recognising the presence of Spirit and working more closely with them.

Online 10-Week Course via Zoom
8th May - 10th July 2021

Spirit Ambassador

An inspiring 10 week course to enhance and give clarity to your existing mediumship communication skills to take you past the familiar and give a fresher  approach to your evidence and understanding of your connection.

Donna Stewart Workshop via Zoom
 Saturday - 17th July 2021

The Psychic In You

Do you sometimes know information about life and other people but not how or why? Have you had a sense of something happening and then it does? Do you think of someone just before they contact you? Everyone has the ability to receive psychic information but not always how to understand and work with the connection.