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August 27, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 6: We Can Work It Out

Life In The Life After – Part 6: We Can Work It Out

Throughout the many years I have been giving evidence and messages to loved ones from loved ones it is very clear and obvious that Spirit do have the ability to give us help and support and can even influence life situations where appropriate to help to bring a better outcome for all concerned.

Spirit are adept at using their energy to help with synchronicity and the general flow of life, which is often given by way of inspiration or sending telepathic thoughts to those they love. If we are open to receiving and acting upon these thoughts the outcome may be as simple as meeting an old friend in the street because we feel we should turn left rather than right.

The friend may have thought of us recently or vice versa and as a result, the friendship may be rekindled. Spirit may have seen that this reunion was beneficial for both parties and intervened!

It is of course possible for our own psychic energy to make us aware of something we should or should not do instinctively but Spirit have the ability to do this when they can see that a different course of action is needed.

Spirit can steer us firmly in the right direction when needed.

The Voice

Some years ago I was planning to drive to a local town for the evening with a friend to see a band that we both loved  and we were very excited by the thought of going.

All made up and ready to leave with my friend, also all made up in the passenger seat, I was about to start the car when I heard a voice in my mind clearly say ‘Don’t go’

After the build up to the evening, trying to explain to my friend what I had heard was not something that I found easy. To not go on the notion of a voice in my head seemed a lot to expect someone to understand.

But I knew it was real and for a reason and my friend was marvellous.

‘If you say we shouldn’t go then we shouldn’t’

The following morning on the local news it was reported that there had been a multi – car accident on the road at the time that we would have been passing through.

Thankfully no-one was badly injured but the road was closed for several hours, and who could know what we avoided by listening to the voice and staying home?

A ‘Spiritual’ Guide

Often in readings a loved one will tell of an upcoming appointment or meeting that they will offer their energy and support to for the best result for everyone.

People have shared lovely stories of how they met the love of their life when Spirit guided them to the right place at the right time for the meeting to take place.

Some life events we pre-plan before we are born to give us the experiences we need for our growth, but Spirit can steer us firmly in the right direction when needed.

They cannot however intervene with our free will or energise and alter a situation that we would not be happy with but they do like to help where they can.

Have you had an experience where you feel you were guided by Spirit?

If so I would love to hear it so please feel free to share your thoughts in the box below!


Until next time…X

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  1. Hello Donna,
    You asked us to share experiences of being guided by Spirit.
    This happens so often for me – mostly I feel that I have been “nudged” or reminded and I am so sure that it is an outside influence that I do mentally say “thank you, Spirit”.
    One notable, and imporatant, occasion was when I attended a fire in Fulham.
    I was the sub Officer, and the guv’nor ordered me and a fireman to don in breathing apparatus whilst the rest of the crew were busy with other tasks. We were to make an immediate entry to a flat for a quick search in case anybody was involved in the fire. We actually broke all the rules – but in those days one did what was necessary. We entered without a hose or back-up, knowing this would very soon be available. Standard practice would have been to pick a side – I would choose left, then follow that wall all around, entering each room I came to making a thorough search. On this occasion the flat was completely smoke-logged and vision was nil. I was “guided” to go right (my mate went left) and straight into a bedroom. There on the floor was a young lady and I just came across her as if by magic – she could so easily have been missed as she was in the centre of the room. I tried to lift her, but she was terribly slippery and I called to my mate – that is nearly impossible wearing a breating mask, but somehow he knew he had to join me and together we managed to manhandle the lady outside to where an ambulance crew had now arrived. She was quite badly burned, and spent quite some time in hospital – but she survived.
    I am certain I would never have found her in time to save her, but for the intervention of, and my ability to pick up on Spirit.
    I have long forgotten her name, and never met her again. I wonder if she knew.

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