Bespoke Training for Your

Psychic Mediumship Development

It’s always an absolute pleasure for me to share 20 years of psychic and mediumship training experience through workshops, seminars or one to one.

One to one tuition and mentoring is highly effective as we concentrate solely on your development training and personalise your courses to enhance your natural psychic and mediumship ability. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey I can help you to gain clarity and understanding while working with you to develop your psychic and Spirit connections.

Versatile Mediumship Training to Suit You

Working closely together from my studio in Lincolnshire or over Skype video or FaceTime we will work together to explore, enhance and strengthen your abilities and confidence that can not only help others spiritually, but will bring additional Spiritual quality to your personal everyday life. Finding your unique expression and individuality in your Spirit work. and understanding your own personal energy and emotional wellbeing is a vital step to becoming a medium, With one on one private tuition we can both make this our sole focus at the very beginning.

There are many ways of serving Spirit and sometimes developing the ability to work sensitivity with friends and family is all that’s needed.

Should you choose to develop your abilities further into public work or are already in that role then I can advise you on how to step forward into a more professional approach encompassing the empathy and ethic necessary when working with those who are emotionally sensitive and bereaved.

If you feel that leading a development group or circle is your vocation please ask about my teacher training programme to help you to plan lessons, be more aware of the needs of your students and become a more creative and inspired Tutor to bring out the best in your students.

However I can help, please get in touch!