Private Psychic Mediumship Readings

Private psychic mediumship reading consultations are a rewarding part of my work because of the opportunity to bring comfort, reassurance and something positive to the client when loved ones have passed, or in challenging circumstances.

Helping and supporting others in times of uncertainty or change is something that has always been an important aspect of my life and I am thankful to share the connection that I have with Spirit through private 1-2-1 psychic mediumship consultations.

My Private Readings Care About You & Those I Connect With

Along with connecting to your loved ones, my consultations also can offer clarity on events past, present and guidance going forward where appropriate.  I will aim to connect with your Spirit Guides and my Spirit Team to bring you a supportive view of your life from those who know you and wish to support you.

The information, guidance and reassurance you receive may be insightful in helping  you make the most of your physical life.

Following the mediumship code of conduct and my own personal ethic, my consultations are always with the intention of being an uplifting experience. In my readings I aim to support you empathetically and focusing on the positive.

1-2-1 Private Mediumship and  Psychic Reading Consultations

It is always a pleasure to meet people through my work in the UK and around the globe which is why I offer a private reading consultations  conveniently online via video Skype, or via telephone or face to face at a venue on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border.

As always, I look forward to my consultations and hope I can help you on your spiritual journey today.

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