About Donna Stewart

Often, when I tell people about my journey they experience a familiar feeling. Many people who seek a better understanding of the Spirit World do so due to some profound life event or unexplainable happening. My own journey into what is now my whole life began much in the same way.

I’ve always understood there is an afterlife, but it wasn’t until the activity around me became almost unbearable that I was introduced to a local development class by a Spiritual Healer and friend.

My intention was to stop the noise in my mind and turn it off. I very quickly realised that I needed to understand the messages and the process so that I could to help others to understand that there is another life after this one and that it is real.

Seeing Was Believing But Also Confusing

From a very young age I felt people that were completely normal to me but invisible to others. I knew these feelings were a little different to life I experienced in the physical realm.

Over time these feelings and visions increased until I could no longer ignore their presence. I needed to understand the message they were trying to get across as I could no longer cope with the noise and the effect that it had on my everyday life.

This epiphany came in my early thirties and it started me on the path I follow today. It has been an incredible journey that continues to grow as the opportunities to share my mediumship and teaching continue.

Once my development began under the guidance of an excellent teacher, Maureen Murnan, the message became clear. I was to help others experiencing bereavement and fear and to support those who were searching for knowledge and understanding of Spirit.

I recognised that not only was my journey planned to help those who needed to understand the afterlife, I was also determined to share what I had learned and to help others with psychic and mediumship potential to develop and understand their own abilities.

Meeting people from both sides of life and hearing of the amazing stories of love, determination and courage that have been shared with me give continuing inspiration to my work.

My Spirit Journey

In 2005, inspired and guided by Spirit, I founded an education project “The Spirit Experience”. This residential seminar has received great support and I am proud of it's growth year on year.

Some of the organisations I have led courses and workshops for are:

  • College of Psychic Studies London
  • Tony Stockwell’s Avalon Project
  • The School of Intuition and Healing London
  • Arthur Findlay College for the Friends of Stansted Hall

During the last 17 years having toured the UK extensively in theatres, venues and Spiritualist Churches I have had the pleasure of working regularly with some of the Britain's most respected mediums, and my work around the globe includes Spain, Gibraltar, Japan, Greece and Italy, Ireland and Scotland.

My television appearances include 'Sixth Sense' and 'Psychic Private Eves' For Living TV, 'Frankly Speaking' For Gibraltar TV, BBC radio interviews and co-hosting 'Paranormal Hour' with Frankie Hatton for BAYFM consecutively for 18 months which was well received in Gibraltar and Spain and attracted a worldwide internet audience.

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