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February 6, 2019

From Spirit With Love – Part 14

From Spirit With Love – Part 14

All In A Day’s Work

I have had a lot of fun while out on the road visiting churches, leading workshops and private demonstrations and a lot of the memories have come from my naivety, and the feeling that I can and should trust anyone. In an ideal world this could be so but in reality it’s probably wise at times to practice reasonable caution. Something I have yet to master!

A perfect example of this was during two visits to Northampton Spiritualist Church to give demonstrations for clairvoyant evenings. The church itself is always a joy to serve. It’s bright and airy and I am always made welcome, these two evenings were no exception.

On the first evening I took my friend Sally along for company and as usual I was really hungry after the demonstration, so we decided to find a takeaway pizza. One of the joys of working in the evenings for me is to find a chips, kebabs or whatever and get supper on the way home (this is how some mediums become extra large!) I’m usually too nervous to eat beforehand so by the end of the evening it becomes a priority.

We found just the place and were sitting in the car enjoying our food. I had a seafood pizza with cockles, prawns and anchovies and Sally had something that seemed much less appealing. Having devoured our purchases we cleaned ourselves up and prepared to set off home. I turned the key in the ignition and the engine groaned. The battery was completely flat so I tried again but there was no sign of life at all which was puzzling.

My beloved `Nanny’ had become a road safety hazard earlier in the year and I had reluctantly replaced her with a purple Corsa who I named Ronnie. She was fairly new so I couldn’t understand the problem with the battery as we sat for a moment and thought about what we were going to do. I could either phone for roadside assistance and risk us waiting for two hours in the centre of the city at eleven- thirty on a Saturday night, or ask the two men in the white van that was parked behind us if they had any jump leads.

Stranger Danger?

Sally and I carefully weighed up the pro’s and con’s and we hatched a plan. I would approach the van to ask about the leads and Sally would call the police on my mobile if I got into difficulty. She wanted to come with me, but it was my car and I couldn’t take the responsibility for her safety as well. I got out of the car and left Sally gripping the phone. My thoughts were running riot. I must be mad. This was one situation I knew I shouldn’t be walking into but the prospect of waiting for roadside rescue seemed just as dismal.

As I approached the van I was terribly nervous and the occasional glance back at Sally told me that she felt the same. The two men stared at me as I knocked on the window thinking that if the Spirit World had any powers at all, then now would be good.

The man on the passenger side wound the window down and my heart was fit to explode, he was quite solid in build and didn’t look in a mood to be tampered with. ‘Excuse me’ I said politely, using as much feminine wile as I could find, checking also to see if Sally was still watching ‘Do you have any jump leads?’

It occurred to me then that having sat behind us as I tried to turn the engine over probably meant that they knew we were in a spot of trouble. If they were able or willing to help they would have done. The men looked unexpectedly relieved.

‘No sorry, we don’t carry any’ It was fairly clear then that the two men were a couple and were probably as worried about us approaching as we were about them!

‘We’re lost’ he explained ‘I don’t suppose you’ve got a map?’ As it happened, we had the directions they were looking for  and I gave them my photocopied map to keep. They were quite friendly and said they’d wait with us as long as they could until roadside recovery arrived. Almost three hours later we were able to go home.


Back in Northampton with Sally a few weeks later I had come prepared, having bought some jump leads of my own just in case. I had finished a demonstration and we were sitting outside in the car eating sandwiches that Sally had bought and talked generally about the evening. I’m my own worst critic so it gave Sally the opportunity to feed back.

One message had been hilarious. I wanted to speak to the young man right at the back of the hall with a message from his uncle Jim. I could hear the theme tune from `Only Fools and Horses’ and was shown a block of flats. The man told me that he was an estate agent and had sold a flat that afternoon.  Uncle Jim also told me that the young man was a good singer and that the family had bought a Karaoke machine for him for Christmas.

The two women on either side of him were in hysterics but said they didn’t know about the machine. The message had the church in an uproar and when his back was turned the ladies indicated that they had bought the Karaoke machine, and it was obviously a surprise that he didn’t know about!

There had been a lot of light -hearted messages which I always enjoy; I think that it’s the Spirit World’s way of comforting their loved ones.

So there we were in the quiet of night, munching away at the sandwiches, when we noticed a car sailing by us being pushed by several men. I thought of my jump leads.

‘What should we do Sally?’ I asked my friend. My conscience was pricking me but I didn’t want to put us in any danger so we decided to keep eating and do nothing. Several minutes later there was a knocking sound on the window. Sally cautiously wound it down a little way.

‘Got any jump leads, love?’ The dark figure of a man stooped down to us, wearing a dark woollen hat and a heavy jacket.  Now any other girl in her right mind would say `No’ and leave it at that, but me being me, said that I had.

Now Sally is the wife of a police sergeant and should have known better so I can only assume that we were not really safe to let out on our own. We just wanted to help and didn’t take a lot of notice at the time of the broken rear window of their car, or the attempts to patch it up with newspaper. Neither did we really notice the three other young men wearing wool hats and sunglasses on a dark night.

It was only as we were linked to them by the jump leads that it occurred to us that this was all a bit suspicious, and that we were probably helping to jump start a stolen car.

Within seconds I had disconnected the leads, told the men that they could keep them, dropped the car bonnet down and put my foot down to get away  – We suddenly wanted to go home.

Blue Moon

Another amusing memory comes from the Saturday evening when I was giving a demonstration at Lincoln church. I had asked Martha to come along for the ride and as we were coming down the hill into the City, with the magnificent view of the floodlit cathedral in the distance, I began to whistle. Now anyone who knows me well will know that this is something I cannot do. I’ve tried but I usually finish up blowing raspberries. Not a very flattering vision, I know.

This was good whistling and it appeared to be to the tune of ‘Blue Moon’I looked at Martha who was looking back at me in complete surprise with her eyes as wide as saucers. I couldn’t stop so I shrugged my shoulders at her, still whistling, and carried on driving.

I had an idea that It was a man trying to make a link to give a message to a lady in the congregation that evening, so I did a quick `sweep’ of the vibrations and heard the name of Stan called out. I had the urge to laugh as he blended with me and I felt sure that this man was going to cause a riot at some point during the evening. I mentally welcomed him, (still whistling, of course) and asked him to come back when I was safely out of the driving seat and somewhere quiet.  Martha agreed with me, it was going to be quite a night.

‘Can I come to the lady in the blue cardigan please?’The lady in question looked around and about and then realised that I was talking to her. She pointed to herself and mouthed, `me?’

‘That’s right, I have Stan here telling me you have another cardigan like that one in green’

‘Yes that’s right’ She was a little taken back at this.

‘He tells me you had a job to chose between them tonight’ The lady’s eyes grew wider. ‘Yes I did!’

‘Stan’s your brother isn’t he?’ Her eyes welled up with tears as she nodded. I told her about my experience in the car and she roared with laughter. ‘He used to drive us all mad with that song!’ The congregation laughed with her as she confirmed that Stan had been an ardent whistler.

Stan described himself as short in height  with black hair, and was an engineering worker. He passed away suddenly without time to say goodbye the lady nodded again. ‘Well he’s saying that he hasn’t really left so there should be no goodbyes’ She seemed comforted by this as Stan gave other family details, and then gave his love to her, wishing her a happy birthday which was that week.

All’s Well That End’s Well

It was a lovely night for messages; A tall regimental gentleman came in, named Frank Miller who wanted to speak to his old friend from their days in the war. The elderly man in the audience was delighted to hear from him and his eyes were brimming with tears as Frank told us how his friend had saved his life during an air raid. He had carried him to safety despite his own injuries and gentleman in the congregation could only put his head down in quiet modesty. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, myself included.

An hour later having had fish and chips in the car, Martha and I were on our way back home, contented, full up, and resting peacefully in the glow of the love and laughter that we had been a part of that evening, and as we went back up the hill that took us away from Lincoln, we were sure that we could still hear the strains of Stan whistling ‘Blue Moon’

Next time: Jack

Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Love reading your stories about spirit. Having been out of work for nearly ten years now and exhausted with appling for jobs and a large bunch of new qualifications. I wish that spirit would give me a clue as to my future, having lost the house and got it back thanks to a wonderful friend. Just as in life spirit are vague with me as they were in life. As not having a job is not clearing my vast debt! My ex is still being a pain by not removing his name from the deeds and as he has a daughter from his first marriage it is causing great concern for our daughters inheritance. Despite my pleas to them for guidance , I am run round in circles. Your last reading for was the last time that spirit came good.
    I did do a voluntary position that involved booking appointments and answering phones, again I was stabbed in the back. My ex’s father is still about in the back room especially as I started praying for all evil and jealousy to be removed from my life. I learned not ling after that my ex has leukaemia and my eldest sister has fluid in the heart and lungs. She told me whilst I was staying with at her home that if I had asked her and not my brother in law for help when I was evicted she would have refused me. As is jealous of the fact I had a daughter. My other sister also refused to help me. But had the boot been on the other foot. Families eh.
    All I knew from spirit that made me fight for my home was that the voice I heard clear in the months before was the house was mine and I had overpaid. Well I knew that much but its proving it.
    If you get a chance please tell them on my behalf that I no longer amused at my situation.as this no life as I keep telling them. I have been more than patient.
    Bless you Donna for keeping in touch and reminding me that there is another side to this life. God bless. Xx

    1. Looking back over the last week I realise how blessed I am, as ever, to work in so many different ways with Spirit. With a mixture of evenings of mediumship, private readings, private tuition, workshops and a brand new ‘slot’ on BayFM radio which began on Thursday, I reflect back to my many years working as a trained Baker and Confectioner without a thought of ever becoming a Medium! Life has an amazing way of taking unexpected paths, and being on the night shift in my small shop in Lincolnshire, putting finishing touches to wedding and celebration cakes, I could never have imagined how my life would change and will no doubt continue to do so. Many of us find ourselves in a far distant place to where we imagined we would be at a certain time in our lives. Sometimes those changes can send us into unfamiliar territory which we resist because of uncertainty, and sometimes a sat nav for life’s journey would seem a handy thing to have. We would all know what to expect and be prepared for change which would make the transition through life so much easier. But would it? The fabric of our very being is shaped by experience and how we grow and learn from it. Often I hear people say that although they did not realise why some events in life were happening at the time, the reasons so often later became clear for good reason, however traumatic, confusing or even joyous. Nothing in life can ever stand still, even if we were to sit silently in a room for a day and do nothing the world will continue to change around us. There are circumstances which we may have little or no control over but if we have the strength to embrace the unknown we may find ourselves on the most amazing journey of discovery of not only ourselves but of those around us. If we find the courage to recognise that each second in time is perfect in it’s existence, and that we cannot be in a wrong moment, then we are truly living life rather than simply existing within it. Planning for the future is wise and gives us all a sense of security, but wisdom also comes from knowing that if we move to the rhythm of our own tune as it plays, the symphony then becomes a masterpiece! Love Donna x

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