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November 23, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 7: June

That Thing You Do – Part 7: June

June was one of life’s earth angels. A gentle motherly soul with a beautiful soft well spoken English voice that poured calm onto troubled water in the lives of those she touched. A nursing sister of many years who had a beautiful connection with Spirit, I was honoured to be considered her friend.

After feeling unwell for some time June was diagnosed with brain cancer and the courage with which she coped with her new change of health was an inspiration. Having been a nurse June accepted what she believed to be inevitable.

‘I want to be laid to rest in my favourite ball gown’  She told her friends and family ‘So we need to have it cleaned’

False Hope

And then came unexpected and wonderful news. The tumour was disappearing and the prognosis for the cancer changed.

The relief was immense and we were all overjoyed and thankful that this beautiful lady was given a new lease of life to share with us all.

When the follow up phone call with Junes’ health team shattered that joy she was brave again. There had been an error and the tumour was not shrinking,  it was growing rapidly.

Having asked how much time she had remaining with her family June was told ‘two weeks’ which she accepted with great grace and courage and told me ‘I now need to have my ball gown cleaned.

A Short Farewell

Several days later I had a phone call from June’s husband on a morning that I had planned to visit. ‘June would like to speak to you’ he said, holding the phone to her ear.

‘Hello dear’ came her weak but beautiful voice ‘I think the day has come for me to go and I may not be here when you arrive so please don’t make the journey. I will let you know when I’ve arrived on the other side and will see you soon’


I felt so sad and yet so full of love and admiration for an amazingly courageous lady.

The Perfect Timing

During that day I tried to keep busy with my thoughts with June and her family when I received an e-mail from my friend and colleague Frankie Hatton. I had been approached by a producer to make a DVD about my work as a medium and Frankie was interviewing me for the project. We were waiting for instructions from the producer about timings to be at the venue where the filming was taking place.

‘I haven’t heard from the producer as yet but as soon as I have I will let you know the details’ I told him.

Still keeping busy and thinking of June I received a second e-mail from Frankie  which read: ‘Thanks for the final details of the venue and the timings for Dave’

I stared at the computer screen unable to make sense of the words having still not heard from the producer and I certainly hadn’t sent Frankie an e-mail. I had also not told Frankie that the producers name was Dave!

Having explained this to Frankie he searched for the e-mail which he was then unable to find in his inbox, adding that it did look different to my usual e-mails.

Two days later I received the e-mail from Dave with final instructions and during this time my beautiful friend June passed to Spirit, leaving me in no doubt that the mystery e-mail all about timings and arrivals was her special way of letting me know that all was well.

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  1. She sounds a remarkable lady Donna, who was every bit as thoughtful and considerate on the other side of life as on this side!
    Thank you for sharing! It made me smile..
    Love Gina xx

  2. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that strange things happen to my inbox.

    I have just advised a friend and Neighbough whose mother passed over this time last year to ask for a sign that she is around by leaving him a sign that only he will recognise.

    love and light


  3. Donna , as always completely gripped !
    June sounds like an inspirational lady. What courage she shown , and I’m sure she looked amazing in her ball gown xx

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