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November 11, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 6: Bring Me Sunshine

That Thing You Do – Part 6: Bring Me Sunshine

I am often asked If, during my work, I have had communication from well known people who have passed to Spirit.

Like many other mediums I certainly have but in my experience it has always been because the person or people communicating have a direct link with the recipient and that there is a reason for making the connection.

One of these times occurred when I was on tour in 2004 in an evening at The Castle in Wellingborough, a favourite intimate theatre venue of mine.

A lot of work takes place before a theatre style evening and I am usual at a venue at around 4pm to begin the preparation and setting up process.

On this particular day my manager was busy setting the lighting and sound as I stood on the stage which went out into the audience. I love this set up because it gives me the opportunity to be closer to those who receive messages and to really feel connected with people.


My eyes scanned around the auditorium as I began having a chat with Spirit about the evening to come and the connections I would make with those who would come forward during that time.

Bring Me Sunshine

Then I heard a familiar song begin to play in my mind, it was one I knew well from childhood ‘Bring Me Sunshine

At that moment I was made aware of two Spirit gentlemen skipping up the extended stage with hands behind their heads and backs. I blinked. It was Morecambe and Wise together.

Eric looked back over his shoulder at me and wiggled his eyebrows as only Eric could. I smiled and felt rather humbled to be in their presence having loved both of them since childhood.

‘Lovely to see you both but what are you doing here?’ I asked.

Ernie tapped his nose with his finger and they both disappeared. I was curious.

30 minutes before the start of the evening I was pacing my dressing room, sparkling in a black suit and having the usual attack of nerves that I would never not want to feel. I began sending my thoughts out for those who were joining us during the evening and the song began again ‘Bring Me Sunshine….’

For a moment I was unsure of where this would go as I have always been very careful when those that have been famous in this life want to communicate and how this can be perceived by the media, but I trust Spirit always so I sent the thought up that if it was meant to be, then it would be for a reason.

The evening began in its usual lively way and the audience were warm and welcoming. Messages from Spirit were flowing and I was completely distracted away from any thoughts about my two comedian visitors.

Until the second half of the evening.

Grandma Mary

As soon as the entrance music stopped it was replaced in my mind with that well known song again.

Gingerly I began to describe to the audience what had happened earlier during our set up time to ripples of laughter around the room. The comedy duo then skipped up the stage once more and made me aware of a lady sitting almost at the back of the rows on the right hand side.

I explained to the Lady that they wanted to chat with her and she smiled.

My grandparents were actors and they knew Morecambe and Wise well, I met them when I was a child

There was a lovely wave of appreciation from the audience as Eric whispered in my ear ‘Tell her Mary is still as bossy as ever’

Mary is my Grandmother!‘ The lady exclaimed.

Many  memories then unfolded and the theatre was alive with laughter as the lady receiving the message was delighted, especially  when the message finished and our lovely Spirit hosts skipped back up the stage and through the curtains to a final rousing chorus of that oh so familiar tune…….



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