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December 20, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 8: Stephen

That Thing You Do – Part 8: Stephen

As the festive season is well under way, it is for many a time for reflection and appreciation of loved ones in Spirit who have touched and shared our lives.

In the final part of this series ‘That Thing You Do’ I would love to share with you the memories I have of my very good friend Stephen who returned home to Spirit unexpectedly just before Christmas in 2000.


Stephen was one of life’s teachers. Not in a physical sense but because of his Spirit for living and the determination to be the best self he could be. He was as tall as a mountain with dark eyes that sparkled with life, and had a dimpled grin of a small boy who had just found some mischief, which was also a secret.

I often thought that he was never quite in this physical world. There was something very pure and whole about Stephen, almost untouchable making it easy to believe that he was a higher energy in a human form here for just a short while for those who needed him.

Stephen told his Mother shortly before he passed that she would out live him. He was just 25 years old.

With Specific learning difficulties from a young age, Stephen worked hard to overcome these and bloomed into an amazing young man who preferred to share his life with just a few of those family and friends closest to him. Stephen could be shy and liked time by himself. He would tell me that his idea of his perfect heaven would be to live in a house up in the mountains with glass on all sides where he could sit and watch nature with just his dog.

Stephen had a close affinity with Spirit and each Thursday evening would sit in our development circle with other friends who loved to share that time connecting with the Spirit energy.

Stephen’s Passing

One evening in early December I arrived at circle where group leader Martha was waiting with difficult news. She had received a call from Stephens’ father to let us know that Stephen had been in a road traffic accident and was in a high dependency unit following surgery.

Three weeks before that I had arrived at the circle before Stephen and sensing that something was very wrong I back tracked the journey in my car expecting to find that he had been in an accident. He was running late.

Several days later at 3pm on a cold and rainy winters afternoon, the flame of the candle I lit and that had burned continuously for Stephen since the news of his accident went out. Stephens’ heartbroken father called shortly afterwards with the news that Stephen had just taken his transition home.


Understanding Spirit as I do I knew that he had completed the life journey he had come to experience, but I also knew that my world and the world of those who he loved and who loved him would be so very different without him.

The following morning at 2am I opened my eyes in bed with the strangest feeling as my hair was filled with static electricity. This was quickly followed by a swooping sensation over me as I sat up abruptly. ‘Stephen? Is that you?’

Within seconds the room was filled with dancing lights of all colours as I stared in wonder at the sight. At that moment another family member came into the room, hearing movement, and we sat together and watched in awe of Stephens’ sign off from this earthly life.

As soon as it was light I called Martha to tell her about my experience but before I could explain Martha told me ‘In the early hours of this morning Stephen came to me and filled my room with lights’

As we contacted our other circle members it became clear that Stephen had travelled from house to house, one after another in the same way to say his goodbye for now en route to the Spirit World.

Stephen was a bright light in this world who has returned many times since to let us know how he is and the progress he is making. He will often come into student training sessions to make himself clearly known and to help the student with their progress and development by giving his evidence and details for them to practice with. A measure of his ability to continue to love and teach.

One of the beautiful things that I have had so much evidence of over my years as a medium is that although it’s natural to miss those we love, they are only a thought away and can still be very present in our lives. The love and memories that we have shared with them still bonds us and draws them close to us when we need to feel close to them.

Wherever you are this festive season and whomever you share it with including yourself, we wish you a peaceful, loving Christmas with those you love from both sides of life.


Donna and Team x

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  1. That was a lovely story and very uplifting. I would like to share with you something that happened to me this week. I was picking up some bits off my rug when I picked up this small label. It said to Ken and Pam wishing you a Merry Christmas Love June and David.. It was a bit faded but very clear to see. Now David passed some 14 years ago maybe and June passed in 2015. Now I know it was probably a label from years ago when we exchanged gifts at Christmas but I had not set eyes on it and do not remember it well for what must have been 15 years. The day I found it was the anniversary of Davids passing so I had been thinking of him and June that morning. The room had been hovered the day before and nothing had come into the room that it could have been in, although could have been moved during decorations coming from the loft or something. I like to think of it as a Christmas greeting from them both. Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Pam x

    1. What a lovely Christmas message from June and David! Thank you for sharing this special experience Pam which must have given you lots of comfort. Happy New Year to you and yours……Donna Xx

  2. …..thank you for another ensuring and encouraging lovely story.
    Christmas can be quite a sad time for many people, partly from missing loved ones. These stories you share go far in reminding us that they’re not far away… even though many of us know, we forget and can feel far apart sometimes…
    Lots of love. Loren

    1. Thank you Loren, I am so pleased that you find the blogs inspiring and I hope you continue to enjoy them in the future. Spirit are only ever a thought away…..Donna X

  3. Beautiful written,reminds me when Stephen help me in one of my development sessions.

    Ps a glass of port will help with the extra mince pie.

    1. Stephen always helps where he can Nathan and I’m sure he would have enjoyed your port and extra mince pie too. Thank you…x

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