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October 16, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 3: Love On The Rock

That Thing You Do – Part 3: Love On The Rock

My most recent visit to Gibraltar this month to give a week of 1:1 consultations was as fabulous and enlightening as always. There is a warmth in the welcome I receive each time that has far more to do with just the sunshine and I find it easy to work well with the clients who have a great passion for hearing from their loved ones.

I notice often that families come together to have a catch up with their Spirit loved ones and support each other and I love the way they all chat between themselves and share the memories and tears of joy and laughter.

It brought to mind something special that happened in my previous visit in November 2015 which was further proof of the wonderful way in which Spirit bring together the loved ones that they want to connect with.

The Spirit at Work


I had just finished a day of private readings and walked to catch a bus to take me to where I was staying. There were several choices of buses but one happened to pull into the station at the moment I arrived there so I hopped on board.

Filled with shoppers and their purchases, everyone talked excitedly about anything and everything and often using words I could not understand but the vibe spoke a thousand words.

Holding onto the handrail I stood in the centre of the bus and steadied myself as it swerved around corners and roundabouts when an elderly white haired gentleman stood up and with a hand gesture, asked me if I would like to take his seat.

My first instinct was to gracefully refuse but he was so sincere that I had not wanted to offend him and so I thanked him and sat down.

I then found myself drawn to the gentleman, feeling the need to glance repeatedly at him and not knowing why, only that I was fascinated by him. Was it because he had put himself into a compromising situation by standing so that I could sit? I was unsure but I knew that I needed to glance again…and again.

As the bus arrived at my stop I thanked the gentleman once more and thought about him for some time afterwards, telling those who I was staying with about him.

Coincidence? Not.

The following morning and ready for a day of 1:1 appointments Frankie Hatton, my friend, work colleague and organiser of my visit put his head round the door of the room where the appointments were held.

‘Your next client would like to bring someone in with her for support, is that ok?’

As Frankie showed in a female client with a more senior man we recognised each other instantly, it was the gentleman who gave his seat up for me on the bus.

The man explained that earlier that morning the client he was accompanying and who was his daughter, had called him to ask if he would go with her for the appointment that she had with a visiting medium that day.

The clients’ sister, also the gentleman’s daughter, had passed to Spirit and she had a feeling that her sister had a special message for him.

The Spirit daughter clearly wanted to connect with her father which she did beautifully in the reading and he was overjoyed, making it very clear why I was so fascinated by the him on the bus.

His  daughter had obviously been present in my energy on the previous evening, knew that her sister had an appointment with me the following day and wanted to speak with her Dad.



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  1. That was your coincidence: here’s mine Donna.
    My mother was in hospital , terminally ill, in November. She said to her doctor, “There is only one thing I want, that is to be here for the birth of my Great-grandchild” Sadly she passed away late November, before the birth. Due to complications this was to be a C section, booked for a time/date in December. Our son and his wife duly went to the hospital , for 9.30 appointment. Waiting in anticipation at home, we received a call from our son; “op has been delayed, will call when we know anything”. We waited…then a call: “Can I speak to Vera (my mother)…this is Warwick Hospital” Pardon? My mother passed away last month. “Oh sorry but she’s won the Christmas raffle, and this number was on the ticket.” Can you share it with the staff, it is what she would wish. “But it’s the first prize it’s massive” That doesn’t matter. “Oh ok, thank you” I put the phone down, it rang immediately….My son baby girl just born, all is well. Coincidence?? Was my mother there.

  2. Love your blogs Donna. It’s so refreshing the way you see spirit in every one you meet and every situation you find yourself in, that had to be uplifting in its self. I knew it was more than just P G tips! Lovely story xxx

    Big hug and kiss xxxx

  3. Wonderful, such a pleasure knowing you Donna , you always seem to light up people’s life, please do not stop, God bless, L & L, xx.

  4. How fantastic & beautiful!!
    Experienced similar … bring drawn to a lady at the MBS I was offering Private Readings at, towards the end of the second day, she approached me and I was blessed to give the most moving reading of the weekend, very joyous & also emotional … perfect it should be the last Reading. LOVE LOVE LOVE Spirit!! xxx.

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