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October 23, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 4: You’ve Got A Friend

That Thing You Do – Part 4: You’ve Got A Friend

Some years ago when I was still relatively new to working for Spirit I was driving to just outside of Nottingham To take a Divine Sunday Service at Beeston Spiritualist Church.

Although I had been given a map and had served the church on numerous previous occasions  I realised that I was rather lost, something which was not uncommon in my earlier years of driving and in the days before GPS devices were invented.

As time was moving on and having circled Nottingham a number of times I asked the Spirit friends for help when I noticed a large green road sign to the left of me. In bold white letters the sign read ‘A52 Derby, A52 Grantham and Archie Smith’


I Blinked in Surprise. Archie Smith? That was new from last time I had driven this way. Perhaps it was a new township even if an unusual name.


Further along the road it occurred to me that perhaps somebody in Spirit was trying to let me know they were there.

That thought was immediately met by a gentleman’s’ voice in my ear.

‘I’m Archie and I’d like to speak to my old mate Bill tonight, he’ll be at the service’

I thanked Archie and asked him if he could direct me to the church as by now I was running late and worried that I may miss the start of the service.

On asking this I was then drawn to another road sign that led me to my destination and I arrived five minutes later!

Once there Archie moved closely into my energy once again, told me that his friend would be in the front row and hadn’t much hair.

As usual I was made very welcome as I settled down for the start of the service and as I scanned the front row for Bill I noticed a man fitting Archie’s description.

‘There he is!’ came Archie’s voice impatiently as I sent him a mental note that asked him to wait until the time was right before I could connect him with his friend.

An Old Friend

Finally we came to the part in the service when messages from Spirit are given.

‘Are you Bill Sir?’ I asked the man in the front row.

‘I am dear’ replied the man.

‘I have a gentleman here named Archie Smith and he’s desperate to say hello to you’

Bills expression was wonderful.

‘That’s my old mate Arch!’ He beamed as memories of their friendship flowed from the Spirit World with the congregation all seeming to want to be a part of this lovely communication of two friends and comrades of war.

I have driven that route several times since and passed the sign that I noticed all of those years ago. Not surprisingly the words ‘Archie Smith’ are nowhere to be seen.

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