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October 1, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 2: Getting To Know You

That Thing You Do – Part 2: Getting To Know You

One of the beautiful things about working with Spirit is being a part of their life story having the opportunity to get to know them if only for a short time and I love how Spirit share their quirks and unique personalities with me.

Rather than just providing information to prove the existence of life after life, Spirit will often allow me a glimpse into their world, their memories and their journey that defines them as the person that they are.

Notice I use the words ‘that they are’

“Spirit are not in the past belonging only to a life in a physical body, they still are.”

They still feel, they have emotions, laughter, love and sometimes sadness too when their loved ones are hurting. They are still real.

A lovely example of this was given through a communication at a demonstration when a Spirit father wanted to speak with his daughter in the audience.

Donna Stewart Medium

First Spirit Contact

The evening had just begun and the gentleman was my first contact.

He seemed to pace up and down looking for someone as I became aware of his appearance ‘This man is tall, well groomed with immaculate silver hair and tanned skin. The gentleman had passed in his early seventies with a heart attack and his name is John’

As  I looked out into the audience I noticed a man with his hand raised.

‘That sounds like my wife Ann’s father but she’s not here yet, she’s late’

Spirit John whispered in my ear ‘Ann’s always late!’ I relayed this to Ann’s husband and he laughed out loud with the audience and nodded yes with his head.

Knowing this my Spirit gentleman promptly pulled a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one, which I relayed to the audience as John said to me ‘Well if she’s going to be late I’m off for a smoke’ and showed me a memory image in my mind of going off into the kitchen in his house where he sat on a stool, still drawing on his cigarette.

Once the laughter had subsided, which our Spirit gentleman was enjoying and playing upon, I made a second link for another audience member.

The Impatient Spirit Communicator

As this communication came to an end Ann’s father John stepped back in and told us that Ann was outside of the meeting rooms knocking at the door to come in but couldn’t be heard.

Moments later Ann’s husband returned with her having let her in after she had been knocking for almost 10 minutes!

As soon as the audience settled once again I began speaking to Ann, described her father and what had taken place before she arrived.

‘Oh that describes him perfectly!’ Ann explained ‘He was very impatient and if he had to wait when he was living he would go off in a huff for a smoke on the kitchen stool’

John then gave a beautiful message to his daughter that was greatly helped by the memories of his personality and actions letting Ann know that her father is still with her, that he is well and enjoying life in Spirit to the full.

See you next time x

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