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February 5, 2017

Live From Your Heart Today Without Regret Tomorrow

Live From Your Heart Today Without Regret Tomorrow

January into February is a special time of the year when I pause, reflect and re-group ready for the months ahead. Winter suits my energy and I love every bit of it. Whether it recalls comforting childhood memories of white blanketed country lanes with my parents to place the carrot on the chap with the hat and scarf, instructions on how to roll the best snowball, or my own love of chilly afternoons by an open log fire who can say?

But it’s a time when I consider my actions and intentions, evaluate how I have made use of the time in the previous year and refocus my aims, always in the hope of making a difference in the world.

2016 in numerology was a 9 universal year which means a year of endings, conclusions and transition.

And how.

2016 in a Nutshell

Who could have thought that there would be so many passing’s to Spirit in such a short time both personally and in the media?

Personalities who became our loved ones through radio, television and music assured us that the world and the love and support within it comes not only from those who we share our lives with, but those who inspire us and touch our lives from a distance.

My thoughts are made more personal by the passing in December of my good friend and Medium, Tutor and Healer Henry Cumming.

I could not have imagined in January 2016 that by the year’s end the physical world would say goodbye to the loving, caring, vibrant and immensely talented Henry, and I’m sure Henry could not have imagined he would return home to Spirit quite as soon as he did.

But isn’t that true of us all?

Passing is a Part of Life

Regardless of age or understanding we are ultimately  on a journey of growth and experience which ends when it ends and begins a new one at precisely the right time, albeit sometimes unexpectedly.

When this happens it can be is easy to forget for a while which of course makes us human, until we re-remember and are comforted by the knowing.

Spirit  tell us that to have the knowledge of Spirit and the afterlife may not stop the hurting for the loss of a loved one but it can ease the despair of thinking that they may have gone forever.

What Makes Us Capable

Much of my work for Spirit requires passing messages from loved ones to loved ones from one side of life to the other.

Some of those messages are from the Spirit loved one having left words unsaid or actions undone before they passed, believing there was more time and perhaps with a fear of being wrong or to show what is thought to be weakness by finding the words to say You were right or I love you

In these often changing times though, one thing remains certain in the material world.

We have the emotional tools we need to reach out and make a difference where differences need to be made. We each have the gift of the chance to make amends and to understand the emotions and needs of another.

We have the gift of being able to express our true Spirit and strength that we carry in our personal power when we understand that another person may be unable to find theirs and that by reaching out we help them to remember where it was lost.

Moving Forward

2017 is a 1 universal year and a time of achievement, initiation, progress and moving forward that can often be delayed by the pulses of  everyday living and which I believe have the highest priority .

Takana, my Spirit Guide recently inspired me with the words Live from your heart today without regret tomorrow.

Wise words for us all for a healthier and happier life and  in doing this the healing words can be spoken personally from our heart rather than through a medium, too many years later, from another side of life.

With love for a beautiful year ahead,


Donna x

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