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June 8, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 1: Spirits Are People Too

Life In The Life After – Part 1: Spirits Are People Too

Imagine what it could feel like to be a Spirit? You were one once but may not remember much if anything about the experience.

  • What does a SPIRIT feel?
  • What does a SPIRIT think?
  • What does a SPIRIT do?

Imagine what it could feel like to be a Spirit-

Ultimately we will all experience this eventually as part of life’s cycle but it can be reassuring to have an indication of what to expect next, and to have an insight into what our departed loved ones are experiencing too in their Spirit life.

What Does A Spirit Feel Like Exercise

Here’s a SAFE exercise to bring you closer to understanding. (You may want to read through and familiarise yourself with the exercise first)

  1. Make yourself comfortable, regulate your breathing and close your eyes. Take your thoughts inside of your mind and think about someone you love and who makes you feel good about yourself. Focus only on the person and the feelings that thinking about them gives you.
  2. Now think about your home and where you live and try to visualise it from memory. Think about how it makes you feel and what you are doing there. Can you hear any sounds, even if from memory? Are you aware of any tastes or smells?
  3. Next think about your work or hobbies and how you do those. Take notice of any thoughts, images and feelings that these give you and any voices, environmental sounds.
  4. Focus now on people who you share your life with, visualise some of them and think about your relationships with them and how that makes you feel, can you see or hear anything?

At this point open your eyes and read on.

We Have A Physical Body

The fundamental difference between a Spirit and us is that we have a physical living body. The way that you felt during the exercise is most likely how you will feel as a Spirit with all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that you had while still in your physical body.

Some of those emotions may change as you pass through the transition phase depending on your experiences and beliefs but the process remains largely unchanged. You are still alive and well out of your physical body!

You will remember those you love and your life together, coupled with new experiences. You will still have skills, may learn new skills, have qualities, habits. You will still be a person, you will still be you.

In a later post we will be talking about what life is like in the Spirit World soon after the transition is taken. See you then!

Love Donna.

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  1. Fully agree Donna, I’ve read and under stood that from various different books. Can you enlighten us more on the point of death and transition phase, how soon can a recently passed spirit communicate. Even a spirit who was open to all things spiritual. Thank you x

    1. Hi Paula,

      Thank you for reading the post and there will be a further one following about the questions you have asked.
      It ‘s possible for a Spirit to communicate almost immediately after the point of transition depending on their energy.

      Hope this helps,

      Donna x

  2. Hi Donna,

    Hope you are well. Thank you for your Thursday blog, I’ve received two and am now looking forward to reading next week’s. I am not very good at meditating and this has reminded me so I will practice this one. Also I like to hear about life on the other side. Enjoyed David Thompson’s physical seance. Take care. Love Kay x

  3. Hi Kay,

    I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blogs! Keep up with the meditation practice as it becomes easier over time.

    Pleased too that you have been able to visit one of David’s evenings and that it was a good experience for you.

    Donna x

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