June 2, 2016

The Real Sound Of Silence

The Real Sound Of Silence

Listening to the radio recently I heard that the classic Paul Simon song that many of us grew up with and know so well was written 52 years ago!

The masterpiece creation has been played on TV and radio and covered live by artists including Mr Simon himself many times to audiences worldwide.

It’s one of the songs that has become his signature and has a place in history and in our minds.

The song has recently been re-recorded in a very different way by  US band Disturbed which is stirring stuff for the soul. It’s brave and velvet tones reach into the part of us who know the feeling of isolation when everything seems lost, taking the words and their energy to new levels of bare back emotion.

The first time I heard this new recording I thought of what it must feel like to write a legendary and iconic piece and then 52 years later pass it to the hands of someone else to lead it on the next part of its journey.

I was then inspired to learn that Paul Simon had e-mailed Disturbed vocalist David Draiman to say how much he enjoyed their interpretation and THANK YOU. The band were quoted to have been ‘honoured beyond words’.

Now There Is A Man.

Paul Simon Sound of Silence Donna Stewart Blog

A man who wrote a song from his soul and then shared it with the world which is an immensely personal thing to do at very least. A song that was his alone until 52 years later another artist recognised it’s beauty and further potential and Paul acknowledged it in the most positive of ways.

Such acts of generosity and spiritual maturity that allow someone to reach out in praise and appreciation having been well earned is an ultimate sharing of kindness.

And Something To Inspire Us All.

The belief that we own something can often limit the life expectancy of it and it’s true purpose in the world.

When we are entrusted with something precious enough to call our own we want to keep it with us, perhaps for security or a sense of achievement when in reality we are only ever the keepers for the time that we need it.

There is a saying that if you love something set it free.

Paul Simon did that very thing with his work which then gave him great pleasure to see it evolve into something profoundly powerful. In the meantime it has touched the souls of so many along the way.

How Can We Do This?

Developing the wisdom to know when that which we think of as our own has done its work and needs to leave us, even if only for a while, allows us the freedom to create time and space for new opportunities and experiences.

This wisdom opens our hearts and minds to the progression of love and allows us to be in tune with the natural flow of the law of the universe. But it can ultimately bring peace to our lives if we recognise that we have been the keeper, and that we will go on to be the keeper of many other opportunities that bring fullness and richness into our journey.

Knowing we are custodians of our own life is a powerful act of self love, and the love of another.

It’s a love that can enable us to more easily release the familiar for someone else who is then able to experience it in a way that is right for them.

To feel and act on that love will then attract to us what we need to go forward into the next phase of living with hope, faith and positivity without fear or sadness.

We will never then know the sound of silence.






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  1. Thank you for your lovely words Donna, I loved Simon & Garfunkle songs, I was 11 years old when Sound of Silence came out, It touched my heart, It’s true, the song stays with you, very special song, Paul is a very talented writer, & to let it go, is Love,


    1. I am delighted that you were inspired by the post Christine and also to know that the song has been so special to you over the years.

      Thank you,


  2. Hi Donna,

    I was very touched by your words on Sound of Silence. It also reminded me of a gift I received when I was a child. I was trying to teach myself how to play chess by mucking around with paper chess pieces of my own making. A friend of my father’s saw me and one evening came to the house to push into my hands a box full of proper chess pieces. They belonged to his small son who had passed away a few years earlier, the tragedy of his life. He gave up those objects for me. Even then I was so struck. That gesture has stayed with me all my life…this learning that we can and must let go of things, give them extra life by releasing them and with them we release our own pain and love and capacity to connect again and again. Thank you for what you wrote Donna, it resonated deeply at a time when emotionally I seem to be hoarding things instead of letting them fly. Xxxxxxx

  3. Nicoletta,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and profoundly moving experience which bought a tear to my eye and no doubt others who read it. What a very special man to have freed his son’s chess set to you and all of the memories that were with it, so that you could love it and make memories of your own.



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