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July 28, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 3: Someone To Watch Over Me

Life In The Life After – Part 3: Someone To Watch Over Me

The pain of a bereavement may be difficult for those who have lost someone they love be it another person or animal friend, even if the passing was expected.

Grief is an important and healthy part of the emotional sharing of a relationship and is a process that needs time and space to happen naturally for healing to begin. To experience grief is also honouring that you have felt love and have been loved in return.

Healing from a passing and moving on in life is not leaving someone and their memories behind or denying them or the relationship that was shared. Moving forward after the loss of a loved one can take time. There are thoughts to process and periods of reflection to give value to the relationship and all of its experiences.

Knowing that a loved one is still present can be comforting and healing during that time and beyond, and so to feel the presence of them or to experience other forms of occurrences which are beyond physical explanation are often a way for the loved one to let you know that they are close.

There are many different ways in which Spirit can make their presence known

A Warm Presence

When I was 25 and long before my understanding of Spirit my Father passed away suddenly after a short period of illness. He believed that seeking out Spirit was ‘meddling in matters beyond the unknown’ and told me quite categorically not  to search for him after he had passed. I feel sure that he had no concept then that he could visit me and other loved ones that had shared his life.

On that darkest night just after the news came I sat in my Fathers’ chair while waiting for my family to return home from the hospital. I was suddenly aware of what felt like being enveloped with love from around the back of the chair and which spread all around me.

Energy pulsed through my body as I could feel him and I knew he was there without question. How that moment helped me to cope with the loss of this beloved man was immeasurable and for him too I have no doubt, knowing that he could still make his love felt in this world.

The Connection

When a loved one passes from this life, and particularly when they realise they are still alive and well in their energy, they will want to let those they have left behind know this.

This can take many forms and some can share this more easily and clearly than others depending on their circumstances and the perception and awareness of the loved ones still remaining.

There are times when this can be of a very physical nature and obvious to everyone present. Often those experiences can be of memories by a strong smell of flowers, a certain perfume, cigarette smoke, objects which have been moved with no possibility of there being any earthly physical explanation.

Some people experience a visitation from the Spirit which is clearly seen, although this is more rare than common, and others experience lucid dreams with the loved ones being close to them, bringing messages of love and support.

There are many different ways in which the Spirit can make their presence known and with encouragement this may become more regular with added strength as they realise that they can still be felt, seen, and heard.

A simple ‘hello and thank you’ to your Spirit loved ones for all of the signs they give, however small, is always appreciated as this seemingly simple process takes a great amount of energy and focus to achieve.

In my next blog I explain some of the challenges of this process and why certain Spirit never seem to make contact.

As the wonderful and late Doris Stokes would often say ‘You can’t die for the life of you’ and after many years of experience not only personally but through my work, I couldn’t agree more!

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  1. Hi Donna, just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying this series of life in the life after and look forward to receiving them each week. Kind regards.

    1. Kay, I am so delighted that you are enjoying the posts and we look forward to inspiring you with those to come,

      Donna x

  2. Hi Donna,
    I am still grieving my sonMarc, finding difficult most days, my belief is very much keeping me level, it’s very hard. Your words and guidance are helping, thank you, God bless, L & L, xx.

  3. Dear Paul,

    My thoughts are as ever with you all and it’s good to know that your belief is still strong and helping to steady you. I am so touched that the blogs are helping too.

    Keep holding on lovely man, Marc is never far away.

    Love Donna Xx

    1. Hi Claudia,

      I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blog. It’s always a pleasure to share and thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the many more to come.

      Donna Xx

  4. Hi Donna…….my dad died suddenly only a couple of months ago. As a family we are grieving deeply.
    I can’t put into words how much your blogs have helped me. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Lynne,

    I am so pleased that the blogs are helping you at this tender time and my thoughts are with you and your family. Knowing that our loved ones are still close, even if not physically, can be a great comfort when we miss them and thank you for sharing this.

    My heartfelt wishes to you all,

    Donna x

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