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July 21, 2016

Life In The Life After – Part 2: Departures & Arrivals

Life In The Life After – Part 2: Departures & Arrivals

Finally the height of summer and from the office window heat shimmers on the pavements and the birds sing merrily from branches while sunning their beaks.

Airports over spill with excited travelers heading off for more sun, queuing to check in and checkout, moving to places that they will return from, out of the sight of family and friends but not out of mind because they are somewhere under the sky, just not where they usually are.

Which is much like the Spirit World when we come to the point where the physical body closes its eyes and says goodbye to a life with loved ones, with memories, with dreams. A life of achievements and heartaches, challenges and successes that shape and grow the soul, ready for its next destination.

Natural of course that some may have concerns, questions or fears about when that time comes.

Often I am asked what is the Spirit World like-

What is the Spirit World Like?

Often I am asked what is the Spirit World like? How will I feel? Who will I meet there? What will I do with my time? Will I still be able to see the family and friends I’ve left behind?

The Spirit World, Heaven, The Other World, however it is known to you is not a mystical place a long way from this one, neither is it a place where only certain people can go.

It is a multi – leveled dimension, a finer vibration that we step into when we leave this world by the death of the physical body, regardless of belief systems or understanding. The Spirit World and it’s environment is solid and tangible to Spirit but invisible to the human mind. Just as our world is not solid to Spirit.

A world created by those who reside there, just as we create our surroundings and reality here and which changes according to the levels we aspire to and what’s needed at each level.

The often humorous vision of feather – winged Angels lazing around on white clouds playing harps paints a picture of what some imagine heaven to be, when the reality could not be further from it.

While the idea may seem idyllic, we still have a life to live. Places to go, people to see.

The Transition

Taking the transition to the next life is a progress on from this one. Because we are Spirit first and foremost who have just completed a physical life, we still need mental stimulation, a sense of achievement and personal growth and so we will still want to explore different new avenues and opportunities.

At the point of physical death each is met by at least one other Spirit often known to us including those who we have loved and been loved by and who have gone on ahead of us. Often as we draw close to passing we may be aware of these loved ones, friends and Spirit Guides as our sensitivity heightens in preparation to take the next step.

Leading up to passing, some can be heard talking to Spirit loved ones or mention seeing a loved one in the room who has already left this world. Scientists have been known to say that this is an illusion created by the dying brain, but often when that loved one then communicates back to this world they will give information such as ‘I was met by my husband Bill when I passed over’

Reassuring to those left behind.

The Spirit World

Initially there is a period of reunion and reflection of the life that has just been lived including healing if needed, which will take as long as is necessary for each individual according to their circumstances.

This is a time where a greater understanding of life experience can begin to be gained with help at hand, including emotional support from family members, friends and Spirit guides.

And so begins a period of decision about how the new life in the Spirit World is to be lived and experienced as a working progress with any additions that are needed along the way.

During this adjustment period the newly arrived Spirit may want to notify living loved ones that following their departure, they have arrived safe and well at their destination.
Just as if they have left for a new country they are never far away and will be back and forth to show their love and support when needed.

In my next blog we will look more closely at how this can happen.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Brilliant Donna. I need my son to read all of this as he is having trouble mourning his elder brother Marc.

    Thank you xxx

  2. Thank you Donna. That answers some questions l had when my husband suddenly passed. I look forward to seeing the next blog.

  3. I have a friend whom is grieving for the loss of her mom and is finding it very difficult to come to terms with her loss. I have sent her the link to this blog, hopefully she will also take some comfort from this. I love to read your blogs, keep up the good work of bringing comfort to all those whom are bereft. Thank you.

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