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December 3, 2018

From Spirit With Love – Part 11

From Spirit With Love – Part 11

The Young Ones

Two of my favourite Sundays of the year to take a service are Mothers Day and Fathers Day. They seem to be days when not only Mums and Dads come through with their messages, but also spirit children.

As I tuned in while waiting for the service to start at Peterborough Spiritualist church, I felt as though I was being tickled in the ribs, which I knew instantly was a child.

‘Now then, who are you?’ I asked.

‘It’s Rachael’ replied a bright little voice, and she wouldn’t keep still, circling round and round me and singing a little tune as she did. She was a small thin child and her navy eyes seemed huge in her creamy pale face. She was wearing a blue felt hat with a brim and I asked her if there was a reason why she wore it.

‘I was poorly and my hair fell out ‘ She was very matter-of-fact about it.

‘Do you want to speak to someone sweetheart?’

Her face lit up ‘Oh yes, mummy’s friend. Mummy’s too scared to come but her best friend is here’  We had a little chat and Rachael said she would show me who the friend was.

The service began and I was instantly drawn to a woman near the back who wore a white jacket.

‘That’s her!’ Rachael was fidgeting around all over the place and I couldn’t help but smile. At the appropriate moment I spoke to the lady in white.

‘I can hear the name of Kathy being called,” I said to her as she looked a little nervous,

‘I’m Kathy’

Bless her, she looked as if I was about to do something terrible to her as she huddled down in her seat. I knew this wasn’t going to easy. I explained that Rachael was with me and Kathy looked back at me without response.

‘Do you know this little one?’ I asked. That bright little voice chirped up ‘Yes she does, she does know me’ Kathy gave a tight little nod. I tried to explain to her that I need to hear the voice of the person who the message is for, otherwise the link will disappear. She still didn’t respond but kept looking at a woman next to her, who she obviously knew.

I know it’s difficult sometimes, especially when someone is grieving, to speak up and accept their message. It just doesn’t work well for me if a person isn’t able to respond as It takes a lot of energy and preparation for a Spirit to make a communication and they need that confirmation too for it to continue. The message was going nowhere and the energy was dropping. I will never try to force a message onto anyone, so I thought that I was going to have to move on to another communicator.

I tried one more time with empathy.

‘Do you know Rachael in spirit who lost her hair through an illness please?’

‘Yes’ came a small and final reply. I felt Rachael’s relief at having finally placed her.

‘She’s wearing a blue felt hat’ That was enough to break the barrier down as she smiled through her tears.  The connection was made and the conversation began to flow.

‘She’s telling me that mummy’s had her hair cut shorter’

‘Yes, this week’

‘She’s also telling me that her mummy and daddy have moved since she passed and now have some horses’ Kathy took a handkerchief out of her pocket and blew her nose. She composed herself and explained. ‘They bought a farm and they felt guilty for leaving the house where they lived with Rachael’

‘Oh, they mustn’t  that little voice piped up ‘I go and see them every day!’

She described their new home and the horses and asked Kathy to tell her mum that she really was okay and that she was never far away. The communication finished with her singing a rhyme that was known to be her favourite, and she went back to the Spirit World having given a beautiful message of love and hope to those that loved her so much.

Andrew, Matthew, and ‘Pip’

I was taking a service at Kettering Church when two young spirit boys by the name of Matthew and Andrew drew close and directed me to their aunt who was in the congregation.

They told me that they were brothers who had passed over within two years of each other, the youngest with cancer, and the eldest in a road traffic accident. Matthew was an auburn haired boy of fourteen who had been of a stocky build before he was ill, and Andrew, being slightly older at seventeen, had fair hair and freckles.

They showed me two silver Celtic crosses on chains that they had bought for each other when the youngest was ill, and also, a small brown bear that each one of them had been bought by another aunt when they were babies. Matthew thanked his aunt for the football wreath that she had laid for him and Andrew thanked her for the poem she had read at his funeral. They reassured her that they were together and that `Pip` was with them. Their aunt explained that `Pip’ was the family dog that had simply died of old age.

As the message came to and end they began kicking a football around on the rostrum, just to let her know that they really were fit and well!

However, Matthew and Andrew were not the only visitors I had on the rostrum that evening.

I was giving a message to a gentleman at the back of the church which he didn’t seem able to place. It sometimes happens like that and the only thing to do is to find out if it belongs to someone else.

Two ladies down at the front wore expressions that made me think that not only was the message for them, but were quite amazed by it given that they were both wide eyed and speechless as I tried to talk to them.

‘Can you understand this information ladies?’ I enquired. Their eyes just got wider and I thought that this was going to be a really good message, but then I noticed that they seemed to be looking behind me and one of them started to point. When she found her voice she squeaked,

‘There’s a huge spider about to drop onto your head!’

I whipped round and there it was, wiggling its legs in all of its glory, dangling from the ceiling on a thread. Now they don’t bother me but in a flash the chairman had picked up his chair and moved promptly sideways, leaving his wife and myself to the heroics.

We tried to catch it because it was frightening one or two people it but it dropped onto the floor and began to run towards the congregation.

I have never honestly seen so many men with their feet in the air at once, and some of the ladies had jumped up and moved right out of the way. It was chaos. Several people were shouting ‘Don’t hurt it!’ and others wanted to stamp on the poor thing. Either way it had to be caught otherwise we couldn’t have settled down again, and a man at the back saved the day by trapping it in a cup and taking it outside.

It occurred to me that it was the kind of situation that young Mathew and Andrew would have approved of, and were probably laughing with the rest of us, all the way back to the Spirit World!


Next time: Pete

Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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  1. Hi Donna, thank you that was lovely keep your messages coming, my unemployment status despite doing lots of new qualifications has not changed and at present I have DVT. Its another no Christmas due to lack of finance I have no landline and internet as the bill has been messed up. So I can only see my in box because my mobile is hooked to my classroom site. My neighbour has lent me a laptop and allowed me to use his connection. I have been told there are good things for me, I just can’t access them , something really evil is blocking me from moving forward. So to hear from you tonight has just reminded me there has got to be a way forward. Bless you. Xx

  2. Wow! How comforting that Spirit draw so close and that they are still a huge part of our lives 🙂

    Loved the slide story hilarious! XXX

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