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October 3, 2018

From Spirit With Love – Part 9

From Spirit With Love – Part 9


As I opened the front door, my heart went out to the slender blonde-haired young woman that stood on the doorstep, smartly dressed in a cream sweater and a short black wool skirt. She was tall and elegant but the red swelling around her eyes betrayed her composure, she had been crying, and crying a lot.

‘Tracey?’ I enquired.

‘Yes, that’s right’ I smiled and welcomed her in.

I guided her into the sitting room and she sat down gently, perching on the edge on the settee. I made a cup of tea for us both and she cupped her hands tightly around the outside of the mug as if to find some comfort in its warmth.      

I knew nothing of why she had come, but I felt the desperation with her, and knew that I needed to help. While sending a special thought to the Spirit World, I explained to her how I work and had a bit of a chat about it while I waited for a contact.

Tracey’s eyes had begun to fill again as she clutched a tissue in one hand, and I was then aware of a Spirit gentleman that drew close and who I thought was her father.

‘No, he’s still alive’ she said helplessly.

Then a young man’s voice came loud and clear inside my head bringing a powerful rush of energy. ‘Please calm my sister down’

‘I feel I have your brother here’

This was almost too much for her and she gave way to a fresh torrent of tears. I told her what he had said and although distraught, she urged me to continue. From then onwards I tried to piece the information together to build a picture of what had happened to him. I sensed him as a dark haired young man who had passed over very recently. With striking blue eyes that shone out above anything else he was well built, fit, and full of energy with a great sense of humour that was still intact. A dimple appeared in each cheek as he smiled at me in my minds eye.

‘He’s talking about his motorbike’ I said, Tracey nodded silently. ‘He was out on his bike when he passed’ She nodded again, clearly trying to take it all in. ‘He said he’s fine but there are still a lot of if’s and buts’ about the accident’ I mentally asked him for more details.

‘He lost his concentration’ I said. Tracey’s’ reply was sharp and defined.

‘NEVER!’ She was adamant that her brother wouldn’t have, and I didn’t want to upset her further but he insisted that he had. She looked so sad.

Proof From The Afterlife

I continued with the communication ‘It feels like there was fire and there’s so much heat, was he cremated?’

‘No’ Came her reply.

I was struggling to hold onto the link.

He spoke about a ring and showed me something that was wrapped around his wrist, with a round object placed in his hand. Lisa, one of his other sisters, had given him a St. Christopher for his 18th birthday and requested that the undertaker place it in his hand. The young man, who Tracey told me was named Brady explained that it was a `black spot’ where the accident happened, and he hadn’t been the first to be killed there. I felt it had happened at night, and I repeated this to his sister.

‘No, it wasn’t’ I was getting frustrated with myself because I didn’t feel that I was making a clear enough connection. I tried again.

‘I can see darkness’

‘Yes I understand that, it happened at Quarter to six on a dark winters morning’ He showed me a blue car which I felt had something to do with the accident. Tracey confirmed that it had been the colour of the car that had collided with him, and he said that the inquest was yet to be heard but the driver wouldn’t take any responsibility for her actions. Tracey confirmed this. He also said that it would take some time to sort out the muddle.

At this point the energy was beginning to drop. It had been a very emotional sitting, which can put a strain on the connection. I wanted to give some details about Brady as an individual, but didn’t feel I would be able to. As I tried to close the sitting, Brady came to life.

He wasn’t happy to talk about the accident but started to give me other details.  I explained all of this to Tracey and she was happy to see what would come through.

‘Okay, my darling’ I said to Brady ‘Just tell me what you can’

He told me about his room that his mum kept up for him and I could see a lot of red from his bedroom door.

‘No, not red’ I asked Brady to confirm this which he did. Tracey couldn’t accept this so we moved on.

‘He’s showing me a collection of miniature figures that he’d acquired over a period of time’

‘No, I don’t think so’ Brady confirmed that he had. ‘There’s also a connection with aeroplanes and he keeps showing me a backpack’

‘Not that I know of, although he was in the `Paras’ for a while’

‘He had an extensive record collection that he loved and says that this must be given away for people to share and enjoy’ I continued.

‘I don’t think he did’

I was getting rather worried that I had messed things up at that point and Tracey so desperately needed the proof that Brady was still with her. I explained that these things had been clearly shown to me and asked that she accept them and ask within the family about them.

I like to place all of the information given in a sitting while the person is still with me, but sometimes, especially if someone is very upset they are not always thinking clearly, they need the help of someone else to place the details. I thought I should close the sitting again, but Brady had other ideas and showed me a lot of dark curly hair hanging down over his forehead. Tracey couldn’t remember this. I knew then that it was time to close, feeling that I hadn’t really given a good sitting, and while Tracey seemed disappointed, she felt I had done my best and was very gracious.

That evening I couldn’t get the sitting out of my mind. Tracey’s obvious grief had deeply touched something inside of me and I offered a special prayer for her in my closing thoughts for the day. When I woke the next morning her family were still on my mind. I so much wanted to give her the evidence she needed to believe that her brothers’ spirit had survived his passing, although I think she did in a way but for me it hadn’t been enough. I considered ringing her to see how she was and then decided that it didn’t seem appropriate. I realised that sadly it’s not possible to help everyone however much I want to. I always find that realisation difficult.

The Truth Has Spoken  

At ten O’clock the following morning Tracey phoned me and her mood could only be described a euphoric. She had played the audio tape of the sitting to her family the previous evening and they had placed all of the information that Tracey was unaware of. She hadn’t known that Brady’s bike caught fire on impact, hence the burning, and the miniature collection was of his soldiers. The red carpet could be seen from his bedroom door, and his record collection had pride of place in his room. Because she had left home some years earlier, Tracey hadn’t known about these things.

This gave her the extra confidence to believe that Brady really had been there with us, and felt a little calmer. I was so relieved for them all.

That was the first of several sittings in which Brady made himself known, each time giving me something more that I didn’t know about him. He talked a lot about family details, which were usually accurate and each time he came he had a different haircut, one of which was a `Mohican’ Apparently, he had created some very adventurous styles over the years and decided to have his head shaved shortly before his accident.

On one occasion, when Tracey phoned to make an appointment, Brady was immediately by my side, nattering in my ear.

“She’s just had her hair highlighted, tell her I like it,” I dutifully repeated this. There were squeals of delight on the other end of the phone. Tracey had only just come back from the hairdressers, having just had her hair streaked.

He has always been such a strong communicator and it’s always been a pleasure to hear from him over the course of several sittings that Tracey and her other family members had.

I usually suggest that a person has one sitting a year, and certainly no more than two. This is so that I can be sure that I don’t remember individual circumstances, and also to discourage someone from holding on too tightly to the Spirit World, preventing them from moving forward in their own lives. I never felt that Tracey and her family wouldn’t move on. They are very close and share a lot of love between them and their strength as a unit has clearly helped them through some difficult times.

In his most recent sitting, Brady wanted me to sketch him. I was reluctant because I don’t have much experience in psychic art, but he asked me to trust him and so I found myself sitting opposite Tracey with a sketchpad and pencil watching his facial features appear before me on the paper. I was curious about Brady’s appearance, and as the pencil worked furiously he began to tell me more details about himself. He said that it was a drawing of when he was younger when he was clad in his motorcycle leathers that he wore for racing. Tracey confirmed this with a grin.

I revealed the black and white drawing to her which she recognised from when he was young! It was also nice for me to be able to see the face of the young man that so loved his sister, and had become known to me on many occasions.

I’m sure that in the future Brady will continue to communicate with all the family in every way possible, and in his lively, imaginative way leave no doubt in the minds of his mum, dad, brothers and sisters, that he truly is alive and well in the world of Spirit.


Special thanks to Tracey and her family for giving kind permission to share this information through my book.

Next Time: Nanny The Lada!


Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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