January 17, 2018

A New Year Frame Of Mind

A New Year Frame Of Mind

Over the period of festivities which seem so long ago now, my partner asked me if I have any resolutions for  2018.

My reply was that I would give it some thought and come back to him because nothing immediately came to mind.

After two days of careful ponder I realised that I still had nothing to tell him.

New Year, New Me?

Should I work harder, achieve higher goals and look for new inspiration? Well yes, but I try to apply that work commitment to whatever I do.

Should I make more time for family and friends? Well yes, but then I try at every opportunity to celebrate my relationships with them by getting together when possible, even if that takes a while because of unavoidable circumstance.

Less time looking at e-mails and texts on my phone particularly after 9pm at night and before 8am in the morning? Well yes, and that’s one I REALLY try to work on 365 days of every year!

More understanding of others? kinder? more helpful,? listen better? Well yes, but do I try to be very aware of the need to be a better communicator in everything I do.

Be fitter? lose weight? Well, yes..but then it’s always on my mind to take that extra 5 mile walk even if my walking boots remain in the cupboard as another day flies by –  And Marilyn Monroe was a size 16!

So what then could I find in a list of a potential resolutions that the time of year steers us towards  while reaching for a pen and paper or making a mental note for careful contemplation.

Well…….Nothing, not really. Nothing that  was obvious to me.

Because I’m perfect? Well…..no. Quite the opposite in fact.

A Life Lived to the Fullest

The artist Sting so rightly says that We Are Spirits In A Material World and that for me means being alive to experience, to learn, to take the best from those mistakes and shortcomings and turn them into fuel. Fuel to make a newer, better version of the Spirit that I am in the hope of progress and personal growth, day after day, year after year with no shortcuts and no free lunches.

For me that means to make life beautiful every day, to touch and inspire the emotions of someone else and to make a difference every day.

This is my 365 day commitment to living a full life at every opportunity, even if there are times when it feels like reaching and failing and wanting to hide under the duvet for a week with a large bar of chocolate and an endless supply of tea. Part of any day that happens is the chance to stand back up, brush down and step forward again.

So gym membership will not be happening for me in our house and neither will the triathlon. I prefer to leave that space for those amazing people who inspire me all year round with their commitment and dedication, amidst so many others.

Onward, 2018!

And so as the bells rang out 2017 I could not hide a smile nor my excitement for the year ahead where it’s business as usual and each day begins with trying to put my best foot forward , even if some of those steps are smaller or larger than others.

With love to you all for a FABULOUS 2018 with each day of the months ahead being a New Year frame of mind…X

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  1. I never knew Marilyn Monroe was a size 16!!
    WOW … Just goes to show how the accepted societal perceptions and clever marketing can make us so blind to reality and believe the perception that is promoted!!

  2. Donna, that is really lovely, I can see that you have given it a great deal of thought, it’s inspiring. Many thanks for shareing.

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