Do people stay the same in the Spirit World?

Only if they choose to.  Progress is open to everyone but it is the choice of the individual.

Why is training necessary for Mediums?

Mediumship carries a great responsibility and good training recognises this, even in natural mediums. Presentation and an empathetic awareness of the client are also very important. Understanding the mechanics of Mediumship also attunes the mind to be more receptive to clearer Spirit

Do children grow up in the Spirit World?

Spirit have a physical body, not the other way round, and children, like all Spirit, progress in the Spirit World. But this is a mental process as the Spirit is ageless and eternal. The physical body determines age. When a parent of a lost child passes to the Spirit World the child will present itself in whatever way the parent will recognise him/her.

Do animals have a spirit and can they communicate through a Medium?

Absolutely! To some people, pets can mean more than human company. I frequently have communication from much loved pets because Mediumship is a mind to mind process with no language barrier.

What would you say to someone is a sceptic?

Open mindedness is a great asset to knowledge, but if someone has no belief in a life after this, it's usually because they have not had sufficient evidence to believe otherwise. I would say that no one should be expected to accept something they have no experience of.

Why are all Spirit Guides Native American, Chinese or Tibetan

Not all of them are! Guides from Spiritual cultures are usually so because they have advanced to a higher level of vibration before passing to the Spirit World. However any Spirit, regardless of their previous earthly conditions, who has enough knowledge and experience to guide an earthly individual, will be able to do so.

Who is your Spirit Guide?

My main guide is a beautiful Spirit named TAKANA, (or The Boss as I call him). He has great knowledge of many things and loves to share this through various aspects of Mediumship and teaching. He also has a great sense of humour and a huge compassion that reaches out to anyone who has a need, however small.

Have you ever given a sitting where no one came forward from Spirit?

No, but I have had an occassional sitting where Spirit were present but the communication was not clear. In this situation I will always be completely honest with the client and close the sitting.