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I'm Donna Stewart

I have been a working medium and tutor for almost 22 years and during that time have been asked on many occasions for assistance and support where Spirit have not crossed over to the Spirit World.

In many situations, sometimes challenging, I have successfully worked with Spirit, individual people and families with empathy where the unwanted Spirit is inhabiting a person’s energy or living/working space.

I believe that Spirit can become earthbound for many different reasons and deserve understanding and respect, even those presenting the greatest challenges and personalities.

Through this work I aim to support, assist and bring healing to Spirit, whatever their circumstances, enabling them to move to a higher level of vibration.

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Dear Donna, I am writing to express my gratitude to you for helping my dear friend John (one of the 3 stooges at your recent demonstration of mediumship!). He has been quite taken aback by your messages for him from his lady friend. John wanted me to contact you to once again express his appreciation; he will never forget you and his experience. As you said a huge amount of emotion there! All the best.


Thanks so much for my sitting last week - it was superb and so accurate. I checked with my mum as you told me about my dads’ sitting position and you were spot on! And yes, he has blue eyes - what more can I say! You take care and look forward to seeing you again. Love


Dear Donna, Thank you so much for your help and support this term – it’s been so special and life changing having these experiences which you have safely guided. I'm so grateful to have such a lovely and supportive tutor.