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Q-Spirit Ep:1 - What Is The Difference Between Psychic & Spirit Communication

Hi I'm Donna Stewart and welcome to Q Spirit where your questions really matter. In this session, we're going to be discussing the difference between what is psychic and what is spirit. So what is working on the spirit vibration, what is working on the psychic vibration and they are two very different processes which people often ask me about. 

Psychic Vs Spirit, So What Is The Difference?

So what's the difference? The word psychic is often misunderstood and it often represents somebody who has an ability to work outside of the known five senses and to a degree, this is very true.

A psychic person working on that vibration is somebody who is tuning into and working with the energy of somebody or something that has left the vibration that is either living themselves the living person or is working with the energy in the vibration of a place or an object that has stored that information in its energy field. And so when we're working with somebody on a psychic vibration it's possible to tune into their life path, their spiritual blueprint, their aura and all of those aspects of their personality are often in the past, sometimes in the future.

Have you ever walked into a building and you felt something as a presence that just seems to be there every time you walk in? Or what you're doing there is tapping into the psychic flow of what is being stored within that building. It may be that you could hold an object and take a reading from it because it has the energy of somebody or something else that has been in contact with it. And so it's taken a reading from the energy of something else. 

The Subtle Difference Between Psychic & Spirit Communication

When we're working on a psychic level with somebody else though we're working with them because they're living and they're giving their energy for us to work with. When we're working on a spirit vibration, that means that we're connecting to the energy of somebody who has had a physical life the physical body stopped working and they've crossed over to what some called the spirit world. So we're working with discarnate spirits--somebody that's left the physical body so you can see there's quite a difference there.

So we can take certain information from people that are living that will talk about their life, what's happening their information and we can also bring some of that information from the spirit if it's part of their energy. But the difference fundamentally between the two is the psychic vibration is working with somebody on this side of life or something on this side of life and working with the spirit vibration, is working with somebody who has passed over left the physical body and is now on the next side of life. And I hope that helps and clarifies that for you. 

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