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July 6, 2018

From Spirit With Love – Part 4

From Spirit With Love – Part 4


Someone Is Listening!

As a teenager I was that easy person to pick on at school because I was a little bit gullible and generally didn’t fit in. Apart from that there were whisperings that said I could read other peoples thoughts and make strange things happen so that didn’t really help either!

I always felt older and more sensible than a lot of the other girls of my own age and I began making friends outside of the school environment who were somewhat older than me.

At the tender age of 14 I joined a rhythm and blues band as their lead vocalist. I had always loved to sing and like many young girls at the time, spent many hours in front of the mirror singing my heart out into a hairbrush, dreaming of being famous one day.

After a year or so of great fun playing in a number of unlikely venues and having an agent who always seemed to forget his chequebook on payday, the band members seem to drift apart.  Although I missed the band my confidence had grown and I realised that no matter how awkward I sometimes felt in everyday life I became a different person in front of an audience. With hindsight I realise Spirit were preparing me for the future.

I did have two good friends who I was close to and one or two other distant friends but I preferred my own company and or spending time with those I trusted.

While most of the other girls went off to college and found good jobs I went to work in a local supermarket as there wasn’t much else to do for work for a girl with limited GCSEs and O-levels. I knew I had intelligence and enjoyed History, Art and English but a foot injury and daily physiotherapy for weeks in the afternoons made keeping up a challenge.

Having now left school and started this next phase of life, my psychic episodes started again abruptly.

Pies, Premonitions, and ‘Poltergeists’ 

I was making an apple pie for the family to have after dinner one afternoon because my father loved anything sweet it was a pleasure to make it for him.

My mother called out ‘Just going over the road Marion’s so if you get into difficulty with the pie, come across’

‘Don’t worry mum I’ll be fine’ I called back.

Someone must have been listening.

I took a great deal of trouble to finish the pie nicely with a fluted edge, milk and sugar and slid it into the oven.

As soon as the door was closed it flew open again with great force and the pie shot out and landed in a heap under the kitchen table. My feet did not touch the floor as I ran out of the front door and across the road and into Marion’s house. I’m sure that neither my mother nor Marion will ever forget that day. I must have looked sight covered in flour and gibbering something about a ghost in the kitchen…

Following this I was inundated for a while with flashes of premonitions about my life and that of friends and family, and seemingly never ending moments of telepathy. I had a dream one night that my friend was travelling to work on his motorbike and wearing a white helmet. He was speeding along a country lane when the bike slipped from underneath him and he slid across the road, his right arm becoming detached from his body. This was very distressing so I phoned him the next day only to find that he had had an accident on his bike with his right arm injured but still intact. He had been wearing a white helmet.

I remember thinking at the time that it was nice to have that faculty working once again although certain things began happening around our family home which made us all more than a little jumpy. The television and radio switched themselves on and off regularly and the red carpet in my brothers’ bedroom shuffled about across the floor unaided. We used to joke about the Spirit person responsible having been a carpet fitter in a previous life.

Soul Searching

By this stage of my life I had met my first husband and we had become recently engaged. We were married shortly afterwards when I was just 18 years old and moved into a very nice top floor flat overlooking the woods. At first I missed my parents dreadfully and it was little things such as my mother standing in front of the hall mirror getting ready for work, combing her beautiful black hair and the sweet smell of her perfume. I longed for the oily smell of the factory on my father’s clothes when he came home from work in the evenings when the windows would be all steamed up from my mother’s wonderful cooking.

Gradually I settled to married life and became involved at the time with a religious group in search of something but I did not know what. I wanted to feel close to God again as I often did as a child but I didn’t think he knew I was there.

I began Bible studies and found a genuine comfort from other members of the church, but I knew something was not right when I was told that those extra sensory feelings I had with the work of the devil. I was also told that I had to cast them out of my soul in order to be saved. Because I have tried to be kind and good to others all of my life I knew this could not be right and I told my study tutor that I felt I could no longer be a part of this. Following this I discovered another group who chanted words continuously in the hope of gaining material wealth that was not for me either. The only thing I felt I could do was to talk to God in my own way in my own time, away from all rules and regulations and hoped that it was enough.

I felt incomplete and disillusioned, not helped by the thought that I had stopped believing in God when my parents went through a difficult year through no fault of their own several years earlier. Seeing such pain for them was unbearable and for a long time afterwards I could not accept in my naivety, that the Divine force could do that to two loving people that had worked so hard.  I decided then that I was an atheist. There was nothing there or to believe in.

My best friend at the time was a regular churchgoer and tried to persuade me to change my mind by taking me to my local church when it was not in use. Looking at the crosses and statuettes the place seemed unwelcoming and cold and I didn’t like it, even if this was relieved by my friend playing the ‘Bobcat Boogie’ rather well on the church organ!

Then the strangest thing happened. Having seen my mother and father go through a very difficult day I went to bed early with one purpose in mind

‘Okay’ I said ‘Whoever is supposed to be up there, God or whatever you call yourself please listen to me, we are desperate ‘ I spent hours pouring my heart out in the darkness and even though I thought I was alone I couldn’t stop talking. I prayed for a miracle that would help my parents and eventually fell asleep.

For whatever reason I felt that a huge weight had lifted from me and a short time after that the most incredible turn of events brought about a change in my parents’ situation and help finally came.

I will never really know if it was divine intervention that helped my parents but from that day onwards I knew there was a force somewhere, somehow, that was all encompassing.

Even if it wasn’t from God, I finally knew it was there.


Next time – Spirit Calling


Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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  1. Hi Donna,
    You have just echoed my life, at present I am not getting much from spirit. I have been attending a drew church where they say the messages they give out are from the holy spirit. But very clearly spiritual. Yes there is someone out there is listening. But who. I wish they would identify themselves loom forward to the next Installment. God bless. X

  2. This is pretty much how my life ran along similar lines. I have though always believed in God and Jesus and knew they were there. Even though as bad times seemed to draw to me i always asked why because I was a good person. I really enjoyed reading this Donna. God bless you and your wondered work.

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