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June 7, 2018

From Spirit With Love – Part 1

From Spirit With Love – Part 1

In 2000 I wrote my first book From Spirit With Love. It was a home grown inspired documentation of my experiences with Spirit in my early life, teenage and early adult years until unexpectedly I was firmly guided to develop my sensitivity to Spirit by a healer who became my mentor and close friend.

Having realised my vocation to help to bring healing and understanding to those who had lost loved ones, I then stepped on to a remarkable pathway of divinely timed circumstance as I was led to working professionally in spiritual churches and centres before going on to theatre, television and radio in the UK and overseas.

As a new working medium I was very proud of the little book which was born out of my love of Spirit and the many questions I was often asked about how I became a medium.

Much to my surprise at the time, all of the 1000 self published copies were sold as others related my experiences with their own before going out of print some time later.

In recent years I have been asked many times if copies are available and because of this It is my pleasure to share with you over the next few weeks the updated and serialised extracts of my personal journey from the book through my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading and be as inspired by it as I was to write it.


Sharing our life with our loved ones in Spirit is the most natural process in the Divine law of the universe.

The sometimes limited understanding and general perception of ghosts and ‘oddball’ psychics by some can detract from this acceptance.

This misunderstanding can give the loving and all-powerful existence of the Divine Spirit and its purpose a mystical interpretation leading to scepticism.

It is mystical in the sense that it is something not tangible but powerful to experience and that we may not know enough about, but that is all.

We all arrive from the Spirit World to live our experiences on the earthly plane and return home to it when the physical body has lived its course. It is therefore feasible for some to accept that the Spirit it is an inevitable part of our continuing life.

Spirit communication is a phenomenon we have lived with since the beginning of our existence so it is natural that we bring the awareness of that faculty with us when we begin our journey on earth. There is no need to fear this sometimes unseen existence for it lives within us all, and love is the only language it knows.

Mediums are quite simply people who have sufficient sensitivity to receive  communication from the Spirit World and also to share with others.

While this can often be implied as a gift I prefer to think of it as a natural awareness or spiritual blueprint that has been part of us all since the beginning of time and is an ability that exists within each individual so that the universal existence can be lived to the full.

Having an awareness of Spirit  is not an exclusive club and I believe that anyone can experience it in some form.

I am naturally of a sceptical nature and have needed confirmation that the Spirit World and its inhabitants exists beyond doubt and I would not ask anyone to accept it without supporting evidence.

I have been shown this unquestionable evidence many times which is the basis of sharing my experiences through this book and It is my hope that it will touch the seed of hope and understanding in others.

Extract 1 – London’s Burning.

The slightest smell of smoke began to drift into the room where I stood talking on the telephone. It didn’t register at first, I was too engrossed in a conversation and it was only a few moments later as the fumes begin to intensify that realisation dawned and sudden panic washed over me. Something in the house was burning!

Dropping the phone I rushed out into the hallway with my heart pounding and where I stopped abruptly, met by a wall of thick bellowing grey smoke and crispy yellow flames that lapped the walls.

As I stood in a timeless moment of disbelief I felt the skin on my hands and face tighten with the melting heat. Shielding my face with my hands and with my eyes smarting in the bitter blackness of the smoke, I began picking my way through the horror as the sound of desperate voices called out to be saved. The pungent smoke filled my lungs and I could just see through burning tears, the shape of bodies lying crossways on the stairs. My mind was muddled. Where had all these people come from? There were no obvious signs of life as the flames licked higher, forcing me back, although frantic voices continued to shout from a distance. Then my head begin to reel, there was no air left, there was only black.

I sat upright in my bed with my chest heaving under rapid breath, and with a feeling inside of me of absolute horror, mixed with sudden relief as my eyes focused on familiar pink and green walls of my room. As my breathing steadied I fell backwards into the bed with a heavy thud, troubled and shaken but knowing I was safe.

After gathering my thoughts, I made my way unsteadily downstairs to the kitchen, looking around me as I went and reliving for a moment the vivid scenes in my dream, chilled by the feeling of reality that was fresh in my mind.

Making a mug of hot tea I switched on the television, feeling in need of the comfort of a human voice. My attention was drawn to the screen and I stared in disbelief at images before me.

There was a special news bulletin, a major fire had started earlier that morning at King’s Cross Underground Station in London. It was thought to have started on an escalator and many people had been trapped and lost their lives.

I knew immediately that my dream was a vision of this dreadful tragedy as I had experienced similar dreams before although none had represented such horror and reality. Even now many years later I still shudder whenever the fire is mentioned.

I couldn’t understand why I had such vivid dreams and there have been many. The sinking of the the Herald of Free Enterprise Ferry in 1987,bombing campaigns in Northern Ireland, earthquakes and other tragic situations sometimes about family and friends. I seemed to have no control over them and although they were unwelcome I began to realise that somehow I must have a psychic connection to something, I just had no sense of how or why – And I needed to find out.

Next time – Things That Don’t Just Go Bump In The Night….


Donna Stewart Copyright 2018.

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  1. So looking forward to reading this again dear Donna, I lent my copy to a friend who moved and I didn’t see it again, but then thought maybe that is where it should be. Happy days when I came to your classes h so many years ago, I remember them with love and appreciation. Sending you love as always.xx

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I feel sure that your kind gesture of lending your book to a friend was much needed in it’s new ‘Spiritual Home’
      It was always a pleasure to see you in my classes and I am so pleased that you have fond memories of that time. I would love to welcome you in any upcoming others in the future!


      Donna ….Xx

    1. Thank you Averil and I am so pleased that you enjoyed Part 1. I have my speed – writing Angels on double quick time bless them!

      Donna Xx

  2. Very interesting, Donna, that happened to me as a child, & dreamt about seeing my Nan a couple of years after she passed, I was going through cancer, and she transfigured on my mum’s friend, to say I was going to be ok, that was in 1990. .

  3. Hi Donna,
    That was very vivid, I look forward to the next part I still your book that you signed for me I must revisit it it all seems all seems a long time ago now. I have been through alot since then especially last year, I have been asking spirit to come closer this last few weeks, but it’s like they’re on mute. I still get the odd signs of penny’s on the floor and feathers but only the occasional voice will speak to tell me something like that the house was mine and I had overpaid. I had hoped they give me something for some else to bring them comfort. God bless.

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the future extracts. Spirit often send these signs for comfort as and when the energy is right so do keep looking for them, they will be aware of your thoughts!

    Love Donna X

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