Power Of Three Workshops

Create the perfect energetic environment for success and abundance in your spiritual development, supporting a healthy mental quality of life with a strong sense of wellbeing in service to Spirit and the Universe.

Meet Your Spirit Team

Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are? Do you have a sense of their presence and wish to build your relationship with them? This powerful workshop will aim to give you a clearer understanding of your guides and their role, enhance your connection with them and bring them into your awareness for guidance in your personal life and your Spirit work.

Expanding The Evidence

Has your Spirit evidence become stale and familiar? Do you feel you are missing out on something and giving similar information when you work? This intensive workshop will aim to  encourage you to discover new ways of accessing clearer, more detailed and unique evidence from loved ones who have passed to Spirit.

Energising Your Connection

Energy is a vital part of Spirit and Psychic communication and can change and be affected by our mood, health, or life's circumstances. In this energising workshop we will work together with techniques to aim to generate, balance and maintain the energy flow needed for these connections, giving clarity,strength and confidence to information you receive.