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April 16, 2021

Online Course – Spirit Ambassador

Online 10 Week Course via Zoom 8th May - 10th July 2021


Presenter : Donna Stewart - Intermediate/Advanced level

Saturday mornings, 10:30am  - 12:00pm

An inspiring 10 week course to enhance and give clarity to your existing mediumship communication skills to take you past the familiar and give a fresher  approach to your evidence and understanding of your connection.

Do you find yourself giving similar information when you work? Have you become stale in your mediumship and need to refresh your connection?

Are you looking for that special connection that brings loved ones together on both sides of life?

Do you want to bring the message from Spirit that is healing for not only them but also their loved ones?

The course will include:

  • Exploring ways to freshen and revitalise your delivery of evidence
  • Working with your clair senses individually to develop each one further for clearer evidence
  • Understanding the role of your Spirit Guides in your Spirit connections
  • Expanding the quality and detail of the Spirit message in your mediumship
  • Preparing for public work 
  • Managing individual situations with clients/recipients when working
  • Exploring and understanding grief processes and bereavement of the client

Join highly experienced Medium and Tutor Donna Stewart for this empowering 10 week course delivered to you online via ZOOM, that will aim to breathe new energy and understanding into your mediumship.

This course will include a weekly short power building exercise, theory work, pairs work in breakout rooms and 'platform' style work with other course students.

Home assignments will be given where appropriate and a course completion certificate.

The investment for this course is £150.00.

For further information and to apply for this course, please click here.

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