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October 29, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 5: From Spirit With Love

That Thing You Do – Part 5: From Spirit With Love

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of working once again for The Karenza Network in Cholsey near Wallingford. This is my third year with the network and the warm welcome I receive each time from organisers Donna and Paul and everyone who attends the events over the weekend always leaves me feeling all loved up!

Love was very much in the air at the demonstration of mediumship on the Saturday evening with groups of families and friends from both sides of life all waiting eagerly in the hope of connecting with loved ones.

The atmosphere was fabulous.

In this latest blog series I have been writing specifically about the amazing ways in which Spirit use many different methods to make a connection with me to communicate with their loved ones.


This particular demonstration was no exception.


Having completed one Spirit communication I reached down to the table for a glass of water that was placed next to a vase filled with deep pink roses and foliage.

One especially beautiful and detailed rose caught my attention and the name of Derek popped into my head followed closely by the feeling that a Spirit gentleman wanted to connect with his wife who I initially thought was in the room.

I began trying to place the gentleman with a wife in the audience with his name and detailed description but the information was not recognised initially by any of the guests.

My attention was taken back to the rose in the vase.

‘I feel it’s possible that someone here this evening knows this gentleman’s wife. I hear the name of Margaret’

I usually try to place the Spirit connections with a specific person but no one seemed to know the information which left me with just a feeling of the area of the audience I needed to place the communication in.

A lady raised her hand.

‘I can accept the name of Derek in Spirit with that description and his wife is Margaret’

Derek suddenly became excited and said to me ‘She’s going to visit Margaret this coming week’

I relayed this to the astonished lady who replied ‘Yes I am!’

Margaret’s Rose

Derek then explained how he had overheard the conversation about the visit to his wife and he drew me back to the vase.

‘Please give that rose to be taken to Margaret’

I took the bloom from the vase and spoke to the lady in the audience.

‘Derek asks if you would please take this rose to his wife and give it to her from him’

The lady said she would as Derek added ‘Tell her I know it should be a red one but this is the nearest I can manage under the circumstances. I always gave Margaret red roses’

The smiling lady confirmed that this was so and added that Derek had passed to Spirit just the year before and Margaret was missing him terribly.

Derek also thanked the lady for supporting Margaret at such a difficult time.

At the end of the evening the rose was collected by Margaret’s friend with a promise to pass it on, apologising for not speaking up sooner .

‘I was waiting for a little more information as I knew Derek but couldn’t imagine why he would come to speak with me’

I smiled and reassured her that because Derek had heard her conversation and knew that she was going to see Margaret he wanted her to give the rose to his wife and also his thanks to her….and that was why.

Now that’s love.

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  1. Beautiful story,
    Donna,I remember my mother putting a single yellow rose in my fathers coffin, he came back much later and said thank you! God bless, L & L, xx.

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