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September 23, 2016

That Thing You Do – Part 1: A Helping Hand From Spirit

That Thing You Do – Part 1: A Helping Hand From Spirit

Thank you so much to you all for your fabulous feedback on my blogs and I am so delighted that they are an inspiration to so many of you.

In my next 8-part series That Thing You Do, I will share some of the brilliant and inspiring ways that Spirit communicate with me for their loved ones and the circumstances they create to do just that.

Please continue to enjoy these Spirit inspired experiences and as always I love to hear from you!

September has been one of the busiest months of this year, especially for demonstrations of mediumship.  I meet wonderful and inspiring people on both sides of life through my work and I am constantly amazed by the way in which Spirit bring messages to those they love.




Earlier this week while giving an evening demonstration for a local Spiritual group a lady who was sitting in the front row was looking a little down as she explained that the batteries in her hearing devices had just failed and she had no replacements with her.

The lady had been looking forward very much to the evening and has enjoyed my evening demonstrations before. She resigned herself to sitting in the energy knowing that she would not be able to hear the messages Spirit were to give.

My heart went out to her and I mentally thought that perhaps if Spirit wanted to bring a message to her I could record it on my  mobile phone and send it to her at a later date.

After that thought there was a distraction and then it was time to start the evening so the thought was lost in concentration on making connections to the Spirit people.

The evening was off to a flying start with laughter and messages of comfort and love from those who wanted to share their evidence and their memories. Then during the third communication I noticed the lady with hearing difficulties rather suddenly dive into her handbag.

Connecting With Spirit

With a big smile she pulled out a pack of batteries and showed them to the audience who had all felt for her when they knew that she would not be able to hear.

The lady reconnected with her hearing devices, looking very pleased and when I finished the communication she explained that she suddenly felt inspired to look in a particular place in her handbag where she found spare batteries.

That was lovely enough in itself as I continued the demonstration but then I felt a Spirit lady draw close to me and she told me her name was Carol and that she was the sister of someone in the audience. Before I could place her with the right person the now not-so- hard -of- hearing lady spoke out ‘My sister in Spirit is named Carol’

Immediately then Carol moved closely into my energy and gave some lovely detailed evidence with a message that it was she who gave the inspiration for the battery search so that she could speak with her sister.

Coming Up in Part 2:

Next time I will share the amazing experience of a father in Spirit who connected with me at the start of a demonstration to speak to his daughter who had not yet arrived and all that unfolded from there.

See you then!


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  1. Love your blog’s Donna can really connect (excuse the pun) with the hearing aids as John and Ihave them now. It is so interesting how spirit come forward, which sometimes I think is my gut feeling but of course it may be spirit too. Keep sending them dear friend you have one avid reader in me. Much love Jackie xx

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