July 7, 2016

One Language, One Love.

One Language, One Love.

This week I write in 34 degrees from beautiful Spain with the fabulous opportunity of spending some time in the sun, and to capture all of the inspiration that comes from being in such a beautiful place.

On my second day here, I had the occasion to walk through the streets of the pretty town of San Roque which is very traditionally Spanish, far away from tourism, and where English is not generally spoken. For me this is part of it’s calling and a perfect opportunity to experience the family orientated culture with all of it’s warmth and friendliness.

San Roque

San roque, spain 2016

Life happens when it happens here, the streets fall silent for siesta, and If a bar or store keeper doesn’t want to open for business, the doors stay closed.

It’s a town I have been to many times where I feel comfortable and welcome  and so is the perfect place for inspiration to pen my thoughts.

Strolling down the steep cobbled streets on a maiden voyage to the local supermercado for supper ingredients, I found my destination and walked into a world of delicious fresh meat, fish and vegetables. This well stocked place was lined with shelf upon shelf of olives, spices, chorizo, anchovies and so the list goes on. I was in ‘sensory overload’ heaven!

Language Barrier

It then occurred to me that most of what I wanted to buy would have to be asked for and the weight required. Having less than basic Spanish as a language would be a challenge as there were items that looked interesting but I couldn’t decipher their identity!

And so began the process of trying out limited words and hand gestures to the counter staff so that I could fill my basket and rather than feel like an awkward visitor the assistants were wonderful, and they spoke no English at all.

Through smiles, hand and facial signals, a measure of laughter on both sides with a willingness to work together, my basket began to fill up. It was surprisingly good fun and quite amazing how much I and the shop assistants achieved between us with only a hint of shared language and honest expression.

The process of wanting to understand and to be understood was the basis for our conversation, and also the recognition that I needed help, which was given over and beyond what would have been necessary.

I smiled all the way back up the hill at the sense of achievement, warmed not only from the sun but also from the kindness that I had been shown as a stranger not speaking a familiar language. I felt loved, and words had not been a part of that.

The Language of Love

To say ‘I love you’ can be sincere or fall easily from the tongue without thought. The action ‘I love you’ I believe has even greater meaning because this comes from the heart with thought, kindness and intention that cannot be masked, even to a stranger.


Love is it’s own language without the barrier of words.

When we show an act of unconditional love its purpose and meaning become clear to the receiver. When we openly and willingly reach out beyond our own perceptions, limitations and insecurities to help someone in even the smallest of ways we are connecting to our heritage, the primal instinct of love that we all have in our spiritual blueprint, and which steers us through life if we listen.

Wherever we are in this world, whichever culture we are raised in, and whichever language we speak we all have access to one universal language of love that is clear and easily understood when translated from the heart. This means that whoever we are, wherever we are, if we speak from the soul we will always understand and be understood.

So now as I finish this piece Bar Torres calls me from across the street for coffee, tostada with tomatoes, oil and garlic and not a word of English. Only my self taught crash course in Spanish communication that may or may not succeed in the moment. Not in words anyway.

More love? Muchas gracias!









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  1. Oh wow! How wonderful to have experienced that Donna, in a different part of the world different culture and language and to think the barriers were were lifted through pure unconditional love and that pure connection of wanting to help each other. Plus how you both brightened each others day.
    I’m sure they too went home also with a smile on their faces too. xxx

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