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August 20, 2018

From Spirit With Love – Part 6

From Spirit With Love – Part 6


My Spiritual Mary Poppins

Having suffered a great deal of joint pain over many years my husband was getting to the end of his tether. I had read several articles in magazines about healing and was quite fascinated by it so one evening after a particularly painful day I tried to make this happen. Having no idea what to do or if it would work, I put my hands in the place where the pain was greatest and I asked that if there was a God, please could he give me some healing energy to pass on. I remember my hands tingling and my husband felt something too but I knew that it wasn’t enough.

Shortly after this a friend gave my husband the contact number of a spiritual healer by the name of  Martha. He did nothing at the time but was given the same number again afterwards by several people, so he then begin to wonder if someone somewhere was trying to tell him something. I suggested that he gave the healer a call, remembering that my father had healing when he was ill and it was discovered that the primary cancer had disappeared entirely.

Several days later when I return home from work I was told that Martha was coming to visit. My feelings were suddenly mixed because although I wanted my husband to benefit from it I felt rather nervous about it all.

The doorbell rang twice and I was tucked away upstairs in a room reading a magazine.

I had decided that I really did not want to be a part of Martha’s visit and providing she didn’t leave any spirits behind when she left, then I didn’t mind her being there. As ungracious as it sounds now I was actually rather terrified.

Martha’s broad Stirlingshire accent rattle through the ground floor of the house.

‘Hello love can I come in?’ I heard her say. She was shown into the lounge and I could hear explanations of what she would be doing. I really didn’t want to hear what Martha was saying and yet I strained to hear her words. Then it all fell quiet.

Having been so nervous I began to feel very thirsty. What was she doing down there? The thirst overpowered me and I knew I had to fetch a glass of water but the thing was, how could I skip past the lounge without being seen?

With my heart bouncing around in my rib cage I made my way down to the kitchen and as I reached the kitchen door, Martha’s big voice stopped me in my tracks.

A Good Medium

‘Come in here and sit down love’ she said ‘I’d like to talk to you ‘ I was mortified.

‘Oh no, it’s alright’ I called back, waving at dismissive hand to no one in particular ‘I don’t want to disturb you ‘

‘You wont to that’ she assured me.

Something told me that if I decided not to join Martha, then Martha would join me.

My panic button had been activated and all of my senses were propelled into overdrive as I walked uneasily into the lounge. I don’t really know how I expected Martha to look but I was taken aback by a tiny little lady with a long grey hair in a ponytail, dwarfed by a large knitted cardigan. Her lined face broke into large, soft smile I immediately began to feel more comfortable. I was somehow expecting a lion tamer.

My husband  already had healing and nothing peculiar had happened to him, in fact he looked quite relaxed with some colour in his cheeks so I sat down on the settee and Martha introduced herself.

‘I’ve come to tell you it’s time to make a start ‘ she explained.

Eyeing her cautiously I asked ‘What do you mean?’

‘You’re very psychic and you don’t know what to do about it do you? ‘ Martha smiled

‘How do you know that? ‘ I was immediately suspicious, assuming that she had been told this by my husband. Martha gave a knowing smile ‘My friends told me’  she gestured upwards with her index finger ‘You’re going to be a good medium’

I was speechless. I couldn’t work out how she knew if she hadn’t been told  ‘Now then’ she said firmly, pointing to the dining chair for me to sit.

‘I’m going to give you some healing and try to calm you down’ I wanted to protest but I didn’t feel I should. I was terrified but I did as I was told and much to my surprise I felt relaxed and amazed afterwards that nothing untoward had happened to me. I had actually quite enjoyed it.

Martha explained that she knew she was meant to come and as she talked I began to realise that the answers to the questions that had plagued my mind for all of these years were about to be revealed. She told me that she was part awakening Destiny Donna From Spirit Withof a project that was about to begin, training people to become mediums. It all began to make perfect sense and the puzzle began to come together as I realised this was all meant to happen.

Suddenly and miraculously all the fear was gone and I knew from that moment that was why I had not been able to settle to anything in my life.

I had been restlessly blundering on, trying to fill a gap that never closed. As I bombarded Martha with question upon question which she answered readily, I began to feel that I had come home. Everything that I had experienced began to fall into place, this was it, my search had ended and I had found my peace.

What I didn’t realise then was that my search had just begun and the second largest turning point in my life was about to take place.


Martha passed to Spirit in 2014, fourteen years after this chapter was first written. This special lady was not only my mentor but my friend and we spent many years together in friendship and discovery of the further wonders of Spirit.

On the day that Martha went home to Spirit I was with her. She knew that I was there even though she was quietly saying goodbye and in that last moment, having been sleeping for hours and as I held her hand, she opened her eyes and looked deep into mine. She suddenly looked young and fresh and the feel of her love for me in that last look will stay with me always.

I am deeply moved in gratitude to have been there at the moment when Martha went home to the Spirit World she lived and breathed for, knowing that she bought me home to my Spiritual life here in this world.


Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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