From Spirit With Love – Part 8


Stepping Out

As the months passed by vividly I was becoming increasingly busy as more bookings for sittings and public demonstrations came in on a regular basis.

Most of the private sittings I gave were for friends or their friends so that I could have plenty of practice before unleashing my enthusiastic newfound ability on the world. It was at about this time that I began to realise the challenge of balancing my  job, my Spirit work, family life and also a health situation with my youngest son, requiring numerous hospital visits in the course of a month.

Worldly Challenges

After many years of trying to convince the medical profession that I believed he had a serious difficulty he was finally admitted into hospital for an ongoing stomach disorder.  Even though he was struggling to cope at school, and despite my efforts to obtain medical help, the relevant authorities couldn’t find any obvious problem and I began to consider the possibility that he may be autistic. While he was in hospital, it was discovered that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

As a family we should have been shattered but all we felt was relief. Nothing had been put upon us that we didn’t already know, except that we had a name for it. At last my son would have the proper help he needed. All at once the medical profession went into action. There were medical screenings, meetings and appointments to attend twice weekly and I had a decision to make. I wanted to give up my job to be at home for my son, at least until we knew the implications of this little known about condition at the time.

There were financial implications in doing so and I was troubled one evening about taking money for my sittings, as it didn’t seem appropriate to take money for something that wasn’t mine to give. I consulted Takana my Spirit Guide on this occasion and his reply set me firmly in my place when I asked about this.

‘ Do you really think that a price could be put upon such a precious gift?’ he seemed exasperated at the thought.

‘ You live in a world where food and clothing must be bought and for this reason I say that you may take a little money for your time. If the gift of Spirit communication had a price, then no man on earth would have enough wealth to pay for it. The currency for Spirit is love, and love is priceless. We know of your difficulties and we ask for your trust in yourself and in us. In return for your love and dedication, you will not be without, you will have no more than you need and no less’  My Spirit friends have always kept their word.

A Professional Medium!

I suppose at this point I became a professional medium, but however grand that sounds, it didn’t feel that way. I felt like a complete novice suspended in a situation that made me wonder if I would ever have enough knowledge to answer the many questions that were asked of me by grieving relatives, sceptics, and those that were simply curious.

Putting our complete trust in Spirit can be very difficult indeed, not because they are not worthy but because we as humans often under estimate the sheer force of that Divine power commonly known as love.

It was time for my real work in service of Spirit to begin.


Next Time – Brady.


Donna Stewart Copyright 2018

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