Becoming Faith

With a world in a state of profound change at this moment in time many begin to look for reasons for the why’s in life, to reach out and find confirmation that there is a higher power at work, something to turn to, to believe in, a strong shoulder to lay our head upon when strength and guidance is needed.

Many reach that conclusion through the witnessing of extraordinary experiences of others certain of divine intervention, and others find it within themselves.

Often in times of change come the words have faith but what is faith and where can we find it? Where does it live and are we privy to it as mere mortals?

What is Faith?

The definition of faith is complete trust, belief and confidence in someone or something so how do we come to the place in our mind and our Spirit where we have that strength of feeling or knowing?

For some this can come from simple acceptance that something is so, or because they may have been told have faith which could in itself imply it is real in its validation by someone other than ourselves.

I believe that to accept something as our own it first needs to be tested so that we can be sure of its reliability, its reality, its consistency and something to set store by.

The Leap of Faith

The test conditions for faith are often challenging, unknown, and require patience and the skill to remember and re-remember that we asked for and need the lesson, even in the most unlikely and unwelcome of circumstances.

This is a testing process not to be taken lightly, and far too important to place all we have within it before we are sure of its right to have that devotion and unshakeable belief. And so the process begins day by day, month by month, year by year.

Experiences that sharpen our mettle cause us to reach out in hope and the search for answers that we may not find in the outset, which need to be presented again and again until we can settle and know peace with what we have learned.

The Big Picture

Through all of life’s experiences and only when the synchronicities begin to materialise do we see an emerging pattern. That all of our delicately woven emotions are laced together in a way that allows us to see each part of our experiences have purpose, meaning and are not just random acts of happenings that land where they fall.

When we begin the realisation that outcomes have a way of presenting themselves with perfect timing then that knowing becomes something.

It becomes something that cannot be taken away no matter how much someone or something may try to prise it from our fingertips. It becomes a walking companion and signpost on the delicate and often unknown journey of life because it has earned the right to be there and to be trusted.

It becomes something that soothes our soul as we learn over time and experience that this is our true reality, and has become that through outcomes that can only be brought about by something infinitely more powerful than anything we can create alone.

It becomes faith.

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